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Travel, Authority, and Framing the Subject

Elizabeth Justice’s A Voyage to Russia and Amelia

Matthew W. Binney

they must perform, and their legal and political status” ( Thompson 2011: 186 ). These descriptions may reaffirm patriarchal stereotypes, yet they present a “means by which women could claim authority unavailable to men” ( Thompson 2011: 186

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Travel Writers and Traveling Writers in Australasia

Responses to Travel Literatures and the Problem of Authenticity

Helen Bones

Devonshire by way of Cumberland. He walks from Rotorua to Auckland by way of Hokianga” (16 September 1899: 4). Australian critics complained about the national stereotyping and lack of local nuance that could be found in overseas depictions of themselves

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Fates Worse Than Death

Destruction and Social Attachment in Timor-Leste

Gabriel Tusinski

and paraphernalia of betel. To the uninitiated observer, betel appears to be nothing more than a casual pastime or vice, like smoking or chewing tobacco, and it is often considered ‘traditional’ or old-fashioned because of its stereotypical association

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Janet Hoskins, Gavin Weston, Khairudin Aljunied, John Harries, Thorgeir Storesund Kolshus, Lars Højer, Cynthia Chou, Samson A. Bezabeh, and Ingvild Skodvin Prestegård

Secularism (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2014), 328 pp., notes, references, index. ISBN 9780822357346. This volume is a profoundly scholarly work. It shows how anthropology can help to correct assertions and stereotypes that, by their very circulation

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Emancipation as social equality

Subaltern politics in contemporary India

Indrajit Roy

, entire categories of people are deemed unequal, inferior, and imputed with negative stereotypes—then social inequality is not only about persons but about groups. Social status and associated notions of prestige, shame, and humiliation are formative

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Contesting the Social Contract

Tax Reform and Economic Governance in Istria, Croatia

Robin Smith

business owners, however, disagreed, arguing that fiskalizacija built on Western stereotypes of Eastern Europeans as tax evaders who prefer working in the informal economy. Such stereotypes were embedded in early reforms advanced by international

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Neutrality in foreign aid

Shifting contexts, shifting meanings—examples from South Sudan

Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

we can see in the case described above, manifested through withdrawal from communication with the local authorities and techniques of avoidance. It was informed by a stereotypical, demonized perception of the ruling African elites. Women’s Day: Who is

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Julienne Weegels

, and facilitated my obtaining airtime on it too. His radio programme had broad appeal to a young audience and provided a platform through which to clarify prejudices and stereotypes about prison life and post-prison stigmatization. Yet Nilson's relation

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Recursivity and the Self-Reflexive Cosmos

Tricksters in Cuban and Brazilian Spirit Mediumship Practices

Diana Espírito Santo

. Spirits transgress through a largely taken-for-granted process of ‘evolution’, which sees categories of spirits transforming into others over time, and, more subversively, by producing discourses that test the public and cultural stereotypes that often

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Navigating Unpredictable Sites

Methodological Implications of Positioning during and after Fieldwork in Conflict Societies

Eva Gerharz

, where mutual mistrust, deep polarization, stereotyping, and exclusion shape society, more often than not along ethnic boundaries? Positioning becomes a much more intricate venture because it implies not only that our relatedness in the field might