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“And much more I am soryat for my good knyghts”

Fainting, Homosociality, and Elite Male Culture in Middle English Romance

Rachel E. Moss

, introduced 880 lines into the poem, is a plot device whose function is to put Guinevere (Gaynor) in a position where she is accused of murder. He could easily have been portrayed as a villain who falsely accuses the queen, but instead a few lines make it

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“Like Alice, I was Brave”

The Girl in the Text in Olemaun’s Residential School Narratives

Roxanne Harde

continually comforts herself with the book, aligning herself with Alice and the nuns with the villains. “I pulled my favorite book from underneath my pillow and imagined the Raven in the role of the Queen of Hearts” (2010: 67). In both picturebook, When I Was

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Hope Chest

Demythologizing Girlhood in Kate Bernheimer’s Trilogy

Catriona McAra

must be a villain: however, The Complete Tales of Merry Gold indicated that reflexive subjectivity can be a false mistress. (2009: 145) Such lapses in memory evoke trauma. In this trilogy, themes of child abuse and pedophilia provide a subliminal

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Searching for What Is Already Found

Ivan Jablonka and the Life of a Nobody

Melanie Hawthorne

really in doubt, and although the complete details of the crime have yet to unfold (how Laëtitia’s body was dismembered and disposed of, for example), he is clearly the villain of the story. As such, he risks becoming a one-dimensional character. As

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Matthew Trundle

Two hundred years later Polybius mirrors the same message in exactly the same way. His villain of the piece is another Macedonian ruler, Philip V, active in the late third and early second century BCE, who cheats his way to victory. 11 Both writers

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Donatella della Porta

] memory transforms the chaos of events into a coherent story, with its heroes and villains” (2014: 276). The study of memory is especially relevant for social movement studies, which have paid little attention to this particular cultural aspect of

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Adapting Brittany

The Ker-Is Legend in Bande Dessinée

Armelle Blin-Rolland

, a newspaper published between 1941 and 1944. Moreover, the fact that the team is helped by a French police officer to evade the traps set by, and to defeat, English villain Démonax (a recurring character in Lortac’s work) resonates with the

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Alexandra Wright

villain of the piece, or Luther, or the mediaeval superstitions, lies and persecution of Jews, or all of these, are not issues that will go away easily. Patrick Morrow writes: ‘Even today what Jews most need to hear from Christians is their penitence; that

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Hieronymus Purwanta

colonial struggle for Indonesian independence, which typically employ language of glorification and hero/villain metaphors to represent the military’s superior interests. Discourse practice is related to the production, distribution, and consumption of

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Pegida as a European Far-Right Populist Movement

Helga Druxes and Patricia Anne Simpson

, Poland, Hungary, and beyond. She draws attention to their frequent use of scapegoating: “sometimes the Bad Apple frame is used by referring to an alleged villain within the opposition or in a stigmatized minority group; or a conspiracy is constructed as