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“Forging New Malay networks”

Imagining global halal markets

Johan Fischer

the post-9/11 consolidation of the country’s position as a moderate Islamic state. Hence, post-9/11, the powerful state and corporate halal discourse in Malaysia identified this “moderate” Muslim country promoting a global halal network embedding a

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The Good, the Bad, and the Dead

The Place of Destruction in the Organization of Social Life, Which Means Hierarchy

Frederick H. Damon

experiences of this reliving. The sequence is unstinting, from Saving Private Ryan in 1998 to United 93 in 2006 about the events of 9/11. More recently, there is Fury , directed by David Ayer and starring Brad Pitt. Drawing on 50 years of Hollywood

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Jessica Bay, Alaina Schempp, Daniela Schlütz, and R. Colin Tait

criticism has disparaged Meyers's work, while academic film criticism has largely ignored it. In comparison, Roberta Garrett's “Gendering the Post-9/11 Movie: Love, Loss and Regeneration in Nora Ephron's Julie and Julia ” points to how the final film of one

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Marc Kropman, Carla van Boxtel, and Jannet van Drie

construction of the past] (Hilversum: Uitgeverij Verloren, 2001), 9–11; Maria Grever, De enscenering van de tijd [The stage setting of time] (Rotterdam: 2001), 6; Jonathan A. Carter, “Telling Times: History, Emplotment, and Truth,” History and Theory 42, no

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Sensing evil

Counterterrorism, techno-science, and the cultural reproduction of security

Mark Maguire and Pete Fussey

, institutions, and experts involved, together with the objectivist ontological positions that undergird it. 1 Two examples serve to illustrate. First, after 9/11, the global biometrics industry rapidly expanded to provide imaging and database systems, together

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Liana Chua and Omri Grinberg

Holocaust and during the events of 9/11, Frosh and Pinchevski note: Whereas in the former [the Holocaust], the ultimate, authoritative witnesses are generally understood to be those who were there, in the latter [9/11] we are haunted by the possibility

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Commoning in New York City, Barcelona, and Paris

Notes and observations from the field

Ida Susser

Bloomberg took office in January 2002, he inaugurated a heightened security regime that stayed in place throughout his 12 years in office. The World Economic Forum was scheduled to meet at the Waldorf Astoria from 31 January to 4 February 2002. Because of 9/11

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“Going vertical” in times of insecurity

Constructing proximity and distance through a Kenyan gated high-rise

Zoë Goodman

racialized dynamics. Mirroring the deeply problematic post-9/11 consensus that positions certain kinds of Muslims as the prime security threat of the present era ( Kundnani 2014 ; Mamdani 2002 ), Kenyan counterterrorism strategies target Muslims of Somali

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Lamazhaa Chimiza

üezi , from the moment of conception to birth); cradle ( kavajlyg üe , from birth to 1–2 years); toddlerhood ( chash üe , from 2–3 to 3–4 years), childhood ( bichi üe , from 3–4 to 9–11 years); adolescence ( eleedi üe , from 9–11 to 15–16 years); youth

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Afsaneh Hojabri

in black chador and bearded angry men shouting against America, the post-9/11 labelling of Iran as an ‘axis of evil’ and the debates over Iran's nuclear enrichment program and its poor human rights record have negatively impacted Iranian exiles. They