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Jonathan Bach, Heather L. Dichter, Kirkland Alexander Fulk, Alexander Wochnik, Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, and Carol Hager

Christoph Hamann’s chapter on African explorations, and by Oliver Lubrich’s essay on Humboldt’s ascent of the Chimborazo in Ecuador. In his Interlude on the geopoetics of the Alpine sublime, when he states that William Wordsworth’s “reception of Switzerland

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Decolonial Approaches to Refugee Migration

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab in Conversation

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab

world needs a reset. No? Nof Yes, and if we look at what's happening in the world now, what we're witnessing in Lebanon, Ecuador, Chile, Palestine, people are protesting, people are protesting the same structure of oppression. The manifestation might be

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Eliza Guyol-Meinrath Echeverry

development in Ecuador not only failed to provide the infrastructure and education improvements corporations promised but also exacerbated preexisting inequalities and resulted in severe ecological and sociocultural damage to the country. Development projects

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Landscapes and Races in Early Twentieth-Century Peru

The Travels of José Uriel García and Aurelio Miró Quesada Sosa

Rupert J. M. Medd

equally characteristic of other Latin American countries with higher indigenous populations, namely, Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia, and Ecuador. For example, in the wider Latin American context, the Mexican intellectual José Vasconcelos 3 was one such

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Francisco A. Ortega

and disturbances, there had been almost no memorable events in the Viceroyalty of New Granada [roughly present-day Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador] during its years of existence.” 2 Restrepo, like other mid-nineteenth-century observers, contrasted the

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Ariela Zycherman

including Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador, and similarly many new farmers were unprepared for the realities of Amazonian environments and were unsuccessful, leading to forest degradation, out-migration, and land consolidation throughout the greater Amazon

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Searching for a New Way of Thinking about Society

A Noospheric Social Quality Orientation for Development toward Sustainability

Vyacheslav Nikolayevitch Bobkov and Nikolay Vyacheslavovich Bobkov

Social Quality . . Waldmüller , J.M. 2015 . “ Living Well Rather Than Living Better: Measuring Biocentric Human-Nature Rights and Human-Nature Development in Ecuador

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Evert Van de Vliert

.318 Czech Republic 1.224 0.758 0.952 0.647 Denmark 0.880 1.401 0.813 2.576 Dominican Republic −1.185 −0.070 0.325 0.305 Ecuador −0.454 −0.661 0.635 −0.469 Egypt −0.110 −0.601 −0.269 −0.977 El Salvador −0.325 −0.362 0.249 0.241 Estonia 1.525 0.516 −0.986 0

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Shelling from the ivory tower

Project Camelot and the post–World War II operationalization of social science

Philip Y. Kao

policy makers deal with communist-backed insurgencies and unfriendly revolutions. Argentina and Bolivia were picked initially for conducting comparative historical studies, while Colombia, Bolivia, and Ecuador were targeted for conducting survey and field

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The temporality of illegality

Experiences of undocumented Latin American migrants in London

Ana Gutiérrez Garza

everywhere and that they affect the external and inner structure of migrants’ worlds. Notes 1. My informants were from Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras, and Mexico. During fieldwork, I established intimate and close relationships