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Ekaterina B. Tolmacheva

chronological order of when they were taken, that is connect them with the route of the researcher. However, I am more interested here in Poliakov’s work methods than his route. Therefore, it is more convenient to classify the documents by genre. Such grouping

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Anne Magnussen

published during the 1970s but was not part of the fanzine movement. It belonged to the genre of historical comics that were considerably less loud than the fanzines and that did not break with children’s comics in the same way as they did. A stereotyped

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Dearly Departed

Communicating with the Dead in the Digital Age

Jennifer Huberman

article asks, why do online memorials increasingly involve writing letters to the deceased rather than just commemorating their lives through the more traditional genres of the obituary or eulogy? How does the Internet provide a means for the bereaved to

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Radical Reactionary

The Politics of William Le Queux

Harry Wood

exploring the politics of pre-1914 invasion anxieties and invasion-scare fiction, the idea that such literature was fundamentally Tory in quality will be called into question. Instead, this emerging genre of popular fiction will be placed to the right of

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Elemental Imagination and Film Experience

Climate Change and the Cinematic Ethics of Immersive Filmworlds

Ludo de Roo

change seem, however, to be more prevalent in the modus operandi of the second dominant film genre that frequently represents climate change: apocalyptic science fiction. Less concerned with scientific reason, the concrete, tangible images used in these

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To Bear Witness After the Era of the Witness

The Projects of Christophe Boltanski and Ivan Jablonka

Donald Reid

liberty of re-remembering [ ressouvenir ].” He sees Daniel Mendelsohn’s quest to recover the lives of family members who died in the Holocaust as “a new genre of witnessing, that of the ‘witness by procuration’, who involves his readers in the emotional

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Jonathan Frome

influence viewers’ emotions, and a number of genre theories such as his account of documentary film ( Frome 2008 ). One of Carroll's highly visible theories is what I will here term his erotetic theory: the apparently straightforward and intuitively

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Sanne van der Hout and Martin Drenthen

” ( Heller 2006 ) that surface time and again in relation to research and innovation, and tend to structure lay people’s symbolic thought ( Dupuy 2010 ). We will show how these genres reveal the ambivalence and complexity of both narratives, using two well

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The International Circulation and Impact of Invasion Fiction

Case Study of William Le Queux's The Invasion of 1910 – ‘Not an ordinary “pot-boiler”’

Ailise Bulfin

’ German invasion of a disastrously ‘unprepared’ Britain, is generally considered the most influential work in the invasion genre after the main genre-instigator General George T. Chesney's The Battle of Dorking (1871). Although The Invasion of 1910 was

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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

Australia itself, but for the entire Pacific, and even for the faraway Germans. 6 In this way, he reveals the meaning of the slogan “space without people.” Recent theorizations of travel films reject the notion of stable genre criteria, but stress the rich