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Assisted “voluntary” return of women to Kosovo

Rhetoric and reality within the framework of development

Sandra Sacchetti

Danish Refugee Council, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, IOM, the Mother Teresa Society, and the German Samaritans. The interviews were conducted in the homes of the respondents; one

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Djénéba Traoré

Post 2020 Vision. WAI, in collaboration with the Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung (ZEI) in Germany has also established a joint program on sustainable regional integration in West Africa and Europe. The multilateral research project

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Regional and sub-regional effects on development policies

The Benelux and the Nordic countries compared

Lauri Siitonen

all are relatively small, northwestern European countries, geopolitically situated between two larger countries; France and Germany (Benelux) or Germany and Russia (Nordics). Second, countries in both groups share similar cultural, historical and

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Barriers and borders

Human mobility and building inclusive societies

Anthony Turton

were happening in Poland and Hungary. Our mission was to determine if there was any evidence of Russian assistance to the embattled regimes of three countries—German Democratic Republic (GDR), Romania, and Czechoslovakia. Remember the Hungarian

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From philanthropy to impact investing

The case of Luxembourg

Shirlita Espinosa

Luxembourg on the operations of diaspora giving as a strategy of a migration-development nexus in three European countries: Luxembourg, Germany and France. As multi-sited comparative research, the article interrogates Filipino migration’s specificities to

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Sandra Häbel

, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) and the EU delegation. While this number is neither low (indicating a

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Accounting for Loss in Fish Stocks

A Word on Life as Biological Asset

Jennifer E. Telesca

was still in embryo until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Not until 1898, after years of flux in herring, did the German scientist Friedrich Heincke introduce the “stock concept” as a biological referent corresponding to what is

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Unbuilt and Unfinished

The Temporalities of Infrastructure

Ashley Carse and David Kneas

Mediterranean Sea at the Strait of Gibraltar and connected Europe to Africa, was designed in the late 1920s by the German architect Herman Sörgel. The project, a radical response to a comprehensive sense of political and environmental crisis, was projected to

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The Ukrainian divide

The power of historical narratives, imagined communities, and collective memories

Alina Penkala, Ilse Derluyn, and Ine Lietaert

high culture. Secondly, both “communities,” Poles and Ruthenians, were subjects of the Commonwealth and, later, of the Austrian-Hapsburg German-speaking empire and competed for—strongly contrasting—reforms that would best suit their own interests. Third

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Elisabetta Nadalutti

collection and analysis of primary and secondary data. I carried out 23 semi-structured personal interviews at the European, national, and local/municipal level in Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia between February 2013 and April 2019. The analysis of