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James Longhurst, Sheila Dwyer, John Lennon, Zhenhua Chen, Rudi Volti, Gopalan Balachandran, Katarina Gephardt, Mathieu Flonneau, Kyle Shelton, and Fiona Wilkie

impact of British seapower on international relations and commerce, the Anglo-German naval rivalry: all have been a feature of naval historical writing of the past decade. When one sees a new work with the word “naval” in its title, the general reader

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Knowledge, Travel, and Embodied Thought

Restlessness in Herder’s Journal of My Voyage in the Year 1769

John K. Noyes

aimed at distilling what is best in the universal human spirit (which Herder conceives as Christian) and disseminating it in German territory. The knowledge of the expanded world revitalizes the philosophical spirit, inspiring astonishment in the face of

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Working against and with the State

From Sanctuary to Resettlement

Audrey Macklin

. But friction remained, and the nature of the conflicts are revealing, especially when viewed in a comparative light. German scholar Larissa Fleischmann (2019) documents the interaction between state authorities and the burgeoning numbers of Germans

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Jens Kreinath and Refika Sariönder

cem provides an opportunity for the Alevis to present themselves as a distinct religious community. While drinking tea, one Alevi woman visiting from Germany who had taken part in the ceremony told us that she had never participated in a cem before

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Restoring Viable Relations in Emigrant Gambia

Paolo Gaibazzi

relatives, as he tellingly put it, i bogu in wa —they “exited” me, or they “quit” me. In 2006, as the Muslim festival of Tobaski (Eid al Adha) was approaching, Suleyman borrowed some credit and a mobile phone, and rang Kausu, his elder brother in Germany

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Tristan Josephson, Marcin B. Stanek, Tallie Ben Daniel, Jeremy Ash, Liz Millward, Caroline Luce, Regine Buschauer, Amanda K. Phillips, and Javier Caletrío

sources—in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and even Singapore—Jobs examines the formal and informal means by which mobile youth developed a sense of collective identity that transcended national

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Beyond Economy and Religion

Resources and Socio-cosmic Fields in Odisha, India

Roland Hardenberg

separated cognitively or in respect to their underlying values. The Conflict over the Niamgiri Mountains: Bauxite and Sacred Places Some years ago, a student of anthropology at Tübingen University showed me a couple of pages from the German newspaper Die

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Michael K. Bess, David Lipset, Kudzai Matereke, Stève Bernardin, Katharine Bartsch, Harry Oosterhuis, Samuel Müller, Frank Schipper, Benjamin D’Harlingue, and Katherine Roeder

fiction of a competition between companies helped to foster an unexpected cooperation during World War II, in the field of rail transport, between Germany and Switzerland (89). Martin Schiefelbusch, in contrast, uses sources from trade associations to

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Worldly Tastes

Mobility and the Geographical Imaginaries of Interwar Australian Magazines

Victoria Kuttainen and Susann Liebich

an eye on the emerging crisis in Europe and the growing threat of world conflict. His geographical ambit covers Great Britain and Germany most prominently, but extends to Prague, New York, Buenos Aires, Petrograd, Mexico City, Spain, Italy, Cyprus

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The Long Homecoming

Ghanaian Migrant Business and Power in Veneto, Italy

Hans Lucht

selected, and PK then picks up the boxes with a forklift and arranges them in a cold room. Some months later, the apples are packed and sent to supermarkets or exported to Germany, Holland, and Denmark. He's happy with the work—“there's no sickness on it