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Co-constituting Bodyguarding Practice through Embodied Reflexivity

Methodological Reflections from the Field

Paul Higate

researcher, and the trainee cohort. In paying attention to the intersubjective dynamics of this particular research, we are reminded that security is rarely—if ever—the preserve of the individual but rather is relational, embodied, and ultimately engages a

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Chiara Collamati

Translator : Marieke Mueller and Kate Kirkpatrick

socialiste bannira-t-elle l’atomisme sous toutes ses formes ? Dans quelle mesure les objets collectifs, signes de notre aliénation, seront-ils dissous dans une véritable communauté intersubjective où les seules relations réelles seront celles des hommes

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Jelena Tošić and Annika Lems

particularity of intersubjective, everyday processes of meaning making. They share the conviction that the existential parameters underlying the lives of the people they study need to be described in detail. They hold that anthropology, despite being dedicated

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Towards an Ethnography of Crisis

The Investigation of Refugees’ Mental Distress

Francesca Morra

This article examines how ethnographic practice can be applied to, and is altered by, the study of uncertain and not fully accessible experiences ( Stevenson 2014 ). The analysis focusses on issues of positionality and intersubjectivity in the

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‘Master, Slave and Merciless Struggle’

Sin and Lovelessness in Sartre's Saint Genet

Kate Kirkpatrick

absorbing the Other’ ( BN , 386–387). For Sartre, there is no room for two selves; intersubjective relationality is a ruse. My being can only be recovered, Sartre writes, ‘if I get hold of this [the Other's] freedom and reduce it to being a freedom subject

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Fates Worse Than Death

Destruction and Social Attachment in Timor-Leste

Gabriel Tusinski

consumption of areca nut by others yet to come. This entails a cross-temporal, intersubjective, and causal link between past and contemporary transformative actions. 8 Hence, when contemporary people chew bua-malus , it is far more than a symbol—they are

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Michele Friedner

participates in collective meals, as examples. How do anthropologists exist intersubjectively with these interlocutors and produce forms of both intimacy and knowledge that exist beyond language and narrative? As I argued in a 2017 essay co-written with Pamela

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A General Introduction

Roxana Moroşanu and Felix Ringel

development of individual, intersubjective and collective strategies for stretching and bending time in relation to one’s needs, preoccupations and ‘deadlines’; for making sense of both unexpected changes in well-established temporal frameworks and conflicts

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Nik Farrell Fox and Bryan Mukandi

illuminating the sensorial intersubjective connections that form the fabric of sensual love. So too with Martin Buber’s existential examination of the intimate ‘I-Thou’ relationship. Overall, this is a book which clearly exudes Skye Cleary’s fascination with

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Traversing Fields

Affective Continuities across Muslim and Christian Settings in Berlin

Omar Kasmani and Dominik Mattes

Westendorp . 2018 . “ The Im-materiality of Urban Religion: Towards an Ethnography of Urban Religious Aspirations .” Culture and Religion 19 ( 2 ): 160 – 176 . 10.1080/14755610.2018.1444656 Csordas , Thomas J. 2008 . “ Intersubjectivity and