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On 20th Century Revolutionary Socialism, from Poland to Peru and beyond

Jean-Numa Ducange, Camila Vergara, Talat Ahmed, and Christian Høgsbjerg

for Indian nationalism in the colonial context. Dange was twenty-two years old at the time and an established trade union organiser. The early 1920s was a nodal point for radicalised layers of Indians located in industrial workplaces such as textile

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The Weight of Absence

Rick Turner and the End of the Durban Moment

Billy Keniston

politics of ‘the opposition’ in South Africa are rooted not in Turner’s Utopian Socialism but rather in the mechanistic, gutter Marxism and nationalism, which marginalised Turner decades ago. Most visible, for now, is the neo-fascist Julius Malema, and his

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The Keys to the Economic Kingdom

State Intervention and the Overcoming of Dependency in Africa before the Crisis of the 1970s

Bill Freund

national accounts. This was not really understood as a problem until late in the apartheid era. The chauvinism associated with Afrikaner nationalism became aligned to intensifying security worries, especially from 1960, as dependence for sophisticated

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Tuğçe Kayaal

However, the advent of the 1913 Balkan Wars and World War I saw the state adopt Turkish nationalism and (implicitly) orthodox Sunni Islam as the foundation of Ottoman citizenship. During these conflicts, the developing relations between the state and its

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Valery B. Ferim

community. Exclusionary politics such as tribalism, nationalism, fundamentalism and all the other –isms have often proven to be the driving forces behind conflicts in contemporary politics. We should rather be focusing on globalism and humanism as pan

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Contested Memory

Retrieving the Africanist (Liberatory) Conception of Non-racialism

Ndumiso Dladla

African only had purchase after the dismantling of the white population’s economic and political control. […] In other words, Sobukwe distinguished between the racialized subject of anti-colonial nationalism and the individual subject of postcolonial

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Michael B. Loughlin

transformation and the persistence of Jacobin nationalism by way of neo-Blanquist activism, Rebérioux ascribed his shift to three “possible” motives: (1) in prison since 1910 for press violations, Hervé might have altered his views to obtain an amnesty in 1912

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Ezekiel S. Mkhwanazi

). There is a need for collective effort by the African intelligentsia worldwide. Ki-Zerbo challenges African intellectuals to help re-orient their nationalisms in such a way that pan-Africanism assumes a central role. He argues, ‘[t]he strategic goal of

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Rethinking World War I

Occupation, Liberation, and Reconstruction

George Robb and W. Brian Newsome

current issues and events. As Jeremy Black recently noted, the Great War was a key factor in “the making of the modern world,” and many contemporary phenomena flow inexorably from its unbridled nationalism and totalizing violence. 14 From shell shock to

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Jackie Feldman

martyrs and the Iraqi army with the enemies of Islam serves to legitimize the current theocratic government sponsoring it—in which the separation of religion and nationalism is impossible. Knowledge—in this case a newly invented tradition—receives its