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Amy Cox Hall, Sergio González Varela, Jessica S.R. Robinson, Peter Weisensel, and David Wills

change, to explain Goncharov's lack of logical or ideological consistency. In a major insight, Bojanowska links Goncharov's racism to a turn in that direction in Russia about 1860, prefigured by the appearance of the word “race” in Russian dictionaries

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Kathleen Lennon

racism. 41 Frantz Fanon, ‘The Lived Experience of the Black’, reprinted in Race , ed. Robert Bernasconi (Oxford: Blackwell, 2001), 184–202, here 188. 42 Albert Memmi, The Liberation of the Jew , trans. Judy Hyun (New York: Orion Press, 1966); Michael

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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

liberalism and imperialism and, with it, a dominant narrative of universal human emancipation, equality, rights, and the civilizing mission that materialized simultaneously with an underbelly of repression as expressed in evolutionary thought, racism, class

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Colonising ‘Free’ Will

A Critique of Political Decolonisation in Ghana

Bernard Forjwuor

, albeit legitimate, alternative)? And in this case, where fundamental violations fuse a vaunting genocidal expedition (slavery/colonialism/racism) and liberal ideals into postcolonial political systems, should not alternative grounds be protected from

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Jean-Paul Sartre

The Russian Teatr Interviews of 1956 and 1962

Dennis A. Gilbert and Diana L. Burgin

allegory. 24 If the events of my play had not been situated in Germany, but in France, it's doubtful that it would have been performed in our theaters. Jean Genet's interesting play, The Blacks , touches upon the issues of racism and colonialism. 25 In

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Pascah Mungwini

unemployed, ethnic or religious minorities, and victims of sexism, homophobia and racism’ ( Santos 2012: 51 ). However, in this work I restrict my attention to Africa as a constituent of the broader and more complex world called the Global South. Santos

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David Schweikart

theoretical and practical insights of the great transvaluationary movements of the post-war period: anticolonialism, anti-racism, feminism, anti-war activism, the struggles for gay rights and the rights of the “disabled” and for ecological sanity. I will not

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From Act to Fact

The Transformation of Suicide in Western Thought

Daniel Gordon

lens of early modern humanism. Suicide and Historians Historians study particulars, but they can also contribute to the understanding of universals. History can be a mode of understanding patterns of behavior, such as immigration, racism, revolution

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Paul Gyllenhammer

access to food, water, decent housing, education, equal opportunity, or the experience of racism, sexism, or lack of respect. As each person in the fused group understands each other as part of the event, each individual shares in the direction of the

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Counter-Violence and Islamic Terrorism

Is Liberation without Freedom Possible?

Maria Russo

process the West’s sense of guilt without falling into an opposite extreme of Islamophobia and racism. Islamic terrorism can be judged by an extra-historical and transcendental criterion that goes beyond the simple definition of the ‘clash of civilizations