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Baya Hocine's Papers

A Source for the History of Algerian Prisons during the War of Independence (1954–1962)

Sylvie Thénault

she is an “atheist,” an “antiracist,” and a “Marxist.” Her atheism, which emerges after the typed copy had been corrected, is confirmed in her correspondence. 35 Above all, her anti-racism is a central element of both her journal and her notes, and

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Professor Anna Stilz and Interviewed by Dr Christine Hobden

are things to value in being a liberal, but we need to think carefully about how we do that, and always be interrogating the racist roots in early liberal thinkers and the consequential racism implicit in a lot of contemporary liberalism. He argues

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“Purely Artistic”

Police Power and Popular Culture in Colonial Algerian Theater

Danielle Beaujon

trouble adapting to new methods, and their yield is a function of the friendly relationship they have with those they employ.” 36 The blunt racism of this statement, denying the managerial capability of the man who initiated the program, lays bare the

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Whitewashing History

Pinker’s (Mis)Representation of the Enlightenment and Violence

Philip Dwyer

his agenda. Another paradox is that racism as a pseudoscientific ideology really only came into its own in the nineteenth century, at about the same time as slavery was abolished in Europe. Moreover, this was a period, that is, the decades after 1760

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Amy Cox Hall, Sergio González Varela, Jessica S.R. Robinson, Peter Weisensel, and David Wills

change, to explain Goncharov's lack of logical or ideological consistency. In a major insight, Bojanowska links Goncharov's racism to a turn in that direction in Russia about 1860, prefigured by the appearance of the word “race” in Russian dictionaries

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Kathleen Lennon

racism. 41 Frantz Fanon, ‘The Lived Experience of the Black’, reprinted in Race , ed. Robert Bernasconi (Oxford: Blackwell, 2001), 184–202, here 188. 42 Albert Memmi, The Liberation of the Jew , trans. Judy Hyun (New York: Orion Press, 1966); Michael

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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

liberalism and imperialism and, with it, a dominant narrative of universal human emancipation, equality, rights, and the civilizing mission that materialized simultaneously with an underbelly of repression as expressed in evolutionary thought, racism, class

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John Gillespie, Kyle Shuttleworth, Nik Farrell Fox, and Mike Neary

political landscape has been marked by the sustained engagement with race and gender discourse. One can hardly open a newspaper or read a social media newsfeed without encountering a story about gender wage gaps, for example, or racism within First World

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Colonising ‘Free’ Will

A Critique of Political Decolonisation in Ghana

Bernard Forjwuor

, albeit legitimate, alternative)? And in this case, where fundamental violations fuse a vaunting genocidal expedition (slavery/colonialism/racism) and liberal ideals into postcolonial political systems, should not alternative grounds be protected from

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Pascah Mungwini

unemployed, ethnic or religious minorities, and victims of sexism, homophobia and racism’ ( Santos 2012: 51 ). However, in this work I restrict my attention to Africa as a constituent of the broader and more complex world called the Global South. Santos