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Patrick Young, David Looseley, Elayne Oliphant, and Kolja Lindner

-wing, culturalist preoccupations became possible. This alliance reinforced the increasing anti-Muslim resentment observable throughout the Western world. Likewise, that sentiment in France had sources beyond the pursuit of secularism alone. If racism consists of the

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Catherine Plum, Klaus Berghahn, Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker, David Freis, and Matthew Eckel

, investigative methods and repression of the police and Stasi, the recruitment of informal collaborators (IMs), and minority group responses and survival. A variety of influences such as Cold War prejudices, fear of Western influence, racism, and xenophobia help

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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

’t even know how to raise the correct questions” (105), therefore “we don’t even ask the correct questions, much less begin to move in a correct direction” (109). She argued, “Racism and chauvinism are anti-people. And a man cannot be politically correct

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Pegida in Parliament?

Explaining the Failure of Pegida in Austria

Farid Hafez

implementing a new asylum law in 2003. 23 In national parliamentary debates, analyses reveal first that the fpö had a thematic leadership. Second, racism was not taboo, and third, the imagined “others” (Muslims, immigrants, etc.) were problematized

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Romanticizing Difference

Identities in Transformation after World War I

Nadia Malinovich

universalism, humanism, romanticism, and racism were much messier and intertwined. This volume brings together researchers in history, linguistics, and literary studies to reflect on these issues in order to explore the varied ways in which human difference was

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Artificial Intelligence

Faith in Machine or Man?

Jan Martijn Meij

equivalent to giving up on human beings, but it also ignores the problems that we currently have to deal with such as racism and poverty. Rather we should pursue certain innovations such as solar panels in conjunction with the nonviolent movements, which are

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Yan Slobodkin

treating diet as a social and economic problem as well as a physiological one. In the 1920s, experts in AEF applied nutritional thinking not only to individual bodies, but to “races” in their entirety. 3 In an age of increasingly rigid scientific racism

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Emergent Police States

Racialized Pacification and Police Moralism from Rio's Favelas to Bolsonaro

Tomas Salem and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

first decades of the 1800s register no arrests of white Europeans, as Rio's police forces were conceived to protect the interests of the white, wealthy elite and to uphold a national order founded on slavery and racism ( Holloway 1993 ). Consequently

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Archival Resistance

Reading the New Right

Annika Orich

that they also face elimination from reproductive processes. Adorno's theoretical framework assists Weiß in emphasizing his own argument that it is not racism alone that fuels the rise of the New Right: The bugbear of a quasi-dictatorial “left

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Contradictions of Solidarity

Whiteness, Settler Coloniality, and the Mainstream Environmental Movement

Joe Curnow and Anjali Helferty

extensive academic work documenting environmental racism and resistance ( Bullard 1993 , 2000; Cole and Foster 2001 ; Pulido 2000 ; Taylor 2000, 2014). In contrast, the mainstream environmental movement has prioritized campaigns that ignore the