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Yves Laberge

is its focus on a variety of ongoing debates and perspectives that will seem uncommon in North America, for example, François Hartog’s concept of “presentism” (76), understood as the obsession for the present and the “new” (new technologies, etc.), as

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Meshworks and the Making of Climate Places in the European Alps

A Framework for Ethnographic Research on the Perceptions of Climate Change

Sophie Elixhauser, Stefan Böschen, and Katrin Vogel

, “climate knots.” These climate knots may constitute an entanglement of persons, ideas and discourses, forms of knowledge, perceptions, embodied practices, and manifold material and nonmaterial entities (e.g., environmental phenomena, technologies

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Tim Ingold

alone in practice, to be a posthuman prehistorian? If so, who was the first to prove it? If ever there was a candidate for this honor, it would be the great French archaeologist and historian of technology, André Leroi-Gourhan. In his Le Geste et la

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Jaime Moreno Tejada

the internet. This is a new avenue of research in media studies (see e.g. Parikka 2015 ). The focus is on the tangible side of media—the unhip technologies, the untidy environments—and, in this case, on the actions of the so-called producer . Not

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Extractive Conservation

Peasant Agroecological Systems as New Frontiers of Exploitation?

Anne Cristina de la Vega-Leinert and Peter Clausing

. 10 For Jules Pretty (1997 ), sustainable intensification enables low-input agriculture to become highly productive by giving farmers full access to all stages of technology development and agricultural extension. Though rapidly transforming, peasant

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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

The Social Worlds of Wheat

Jessica Barnes

interactions between people and between people and things but also the technologies, knowledges, infrastructures, institutions, and biological characteristics that mediate those relationships. There is, however, one social world of wheat that I will not address

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Ryan Gunderson

that refers to the concealing of any contradiction. For example, one could examine what ideologies conceal the contradiction between the existence of technology that could become the infrastructure of an ecologically sustainable society, on the one hand

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Overconsumption as Ideology

Implications for Addressing Global Climate Change

Diana Stuart, Ryan Gunderson, and Brian Petersen

consumption “cannot be treated as independent of the changing structure of producer power and producer technology,” and therefore there are “limits to a consumption oriented environmental reform policy” (ibid.: 161). Schnaiberg (ibid.: 192) concludes his

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From the Throes of Anguished Mourning

Shi‘i Ritual Lamentation and the Pious Publics of Lebanon

Fouad Gehad Marei

—respond to the sensorial stimuli, cultural references, and socio-technologies employed in the ceremony. Together we made sense of the sensory-affective experience by looking for the cues that point to the intention, meaning, and repercussions of the conscious

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Weapons for Witnessing

American Street Preaching and the Rhythms of War

Kyle Byron

mass transit. Here, technologies for producing and regulating mobility inadvertently become technologies for producing and regulating audiences. In an attempt to reach these ephemeral audiences, street preachers replace the established narrative devices