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Fossilized Futures

Topologies and Topographies of Crisis Experience in Central Greece

Daniel M. Knight

. 2012 . “ Iron in the Soil: Living with Military Waste in Bosnia-Herzegovina .” Anthropology Today 28 ( 1 ): 21 – 23 . Herzfeld , Michael . 1987 . Anthropology Through the Looking-Glass: Critical Ethnography in the Margins of Europe . Cambridge

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Searching for the Young Soul Rebels

On Writing, New Wave, and the Ends of Cultural Studies

Richard Langston

then passes through pop songs like “The Look of Love” by abc and Haircut 100’s “Fantastic Day.” Boy George was for Diederichsen no different than Yuri Andropov. Both equally stood for a form of political commitment that rejected the rules of

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The End Point of Zionism

Ethnocentrism and the Temple Mount

Tomer Persico

and war ( Abramovitch 2012 ). Aviner (2008: 7 ) remembers the rabbi’s response on being asked whether the Israeli flag should fly on the Temple Mount: The look in his eyes was full of pain and wonder for being humiliated by these sort of questions and

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Paul Gyllenhammer

institutions takes on a more subtle form than what may exist in collectives that are facing actual danger. Sartre’s interest in the look of the other dovetails well with Foucault’s idea of the panopticon . In each case, the effect of constant surveillance

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The Origins of the Stanley Hoffmann We Knew

Some Comparisons on his Vichy Years with My Family Story

Peter Gourevitch

“Self-Ensnared: Collaboration with Nazi Germany,” 2 and “In the Looking Glass: Sorrow and Pity?” 3 reprinted in a substantial collection of essays 4 that included notable pieces on Charles de Gaulle; contributions to important volumes such as La

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From the Auto-mobile to the Driven Subject?

Discursive Assertions of Mobility Futures

Katharina Manderscheid

-seater vehicle, which has no steering wheel, only a start and emergency stop button. The outline of the Google car is round, with its front suggesting the look of a face (see Figure 1 ). In the promotional video titled “A First Drive,” 46 the car is referred

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Andrew Inkpin

the epoché is open to critique. First, it is not clear he succeeds in identifying limits on the phenomenological reduction. I take the force of the two examples cited above – the brute existence of being-in-itself, and the look of others – to be that

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You Haven't Seen the Last of Men

The Full Monty (Peter Cattaneo, 1997)

Julie Michot

to satisfy male pleasure: the woman is reduced to an “image”—thus being “passive”—whereas the man is the “bearer of the look”—thus being “active”—according to Laura Mulvey (1989: 19) . Although Mulvey's theses, originally published in 1975, have been

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Nonrecording the “European refugee crisis” in Greece

Navigating through irregular bureaucracy

Katerina Rozakou

. Herzfeld , Michael . 1989 . Anthropology through the looking-glass: Critical ethnography in the margins of Europe . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . Herzfeld , Michael . 1992 . The social production of indifference: Exploring the symbolic

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The Pardoner’s Passing and How It Matters

Gender, Relics and Speech Acts

Alex da Costa

Ages , ed. Francesca Canadé Sautman and Pamela Sheingorn (New York: Palgrave, 2001), 101–122, here 116. 25 Ibid., 116. 26 ‘Packing’ is a usefully succinct modern term for the strapping on of a soft or hard dildo to emulate the look of a male crotch and