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A New Blue-Collar Force

The Alternative for Germany and the Working Class

Philipp Adorf

. Social democratic actors in particular have had to contend with the challenge of attempting to create a home for these two distinct groups of cosmopolitan and communitarian voters under a single roof—as has been illustrated, with a rather negligible

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Vilhjalmur Stefansson

The Northward Course of Empire, The Adventure of Wrangel Island, 1922–1925, and “Universal Revolution”

Paul Dukes

because of his interest in “primitive communism” but probably much more because of his ideas on the innovative use of polar areas, more of his books were translated into Russian than any other language and sold best in the Soviet Union. Communitarian

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A Critique of Liberal Universalism

The Concept of Secular Philosophical Grounding

Jaan S. Islam

. Misak , C. 2002 . Truth, Politics, Morality: Pragmatism and Deliberation . London : Routledge . 10.4324/9780203162286 Mughal , A. H. , M. R. Islam , G. M. Zatzman and J. S. Islam . 2016 . ‘ A Communitarian Alternative Solution to the

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

, us and them, and the illusion of a whole unity within the movement in accordance with a communitarian conception of politics. This characteristic aspect of populist rhetoric served to stress the opposition to the outside world, viewed as hostile and

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India Halstead

up with the human form, suggest the potential for the human body to be a means of political emancipation, gesturing toward the oceanic feeling. Yet Horn's work, like that of many of her female contemporaries, resists this overly communitarian idea

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Kenneth Bo Nielsen

Subaltern Studies project was concerned with peasant uprisings, the thinking that informed this work has been invoked anew in the context of India’s new land wars to provide what may be called a communitarian perspective (e.g., Pal and Dutta 2013 ) that

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A megastructure in Singapore

The “Asian city of tomorrow?”

Xinyu Guan

, Beng Huat . 2017 . Liberalism disavowed: Communitarianism and state capitalism in Singapore . Singapore : NUS Press . 10.7591/9781501713453 Daechsel , Markus . 2013 . “ Misplaced Ekistics: Islamabad and the politics of urban development in

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The Social Consequences of Brexit for the UK and Europe

Euroscepticism, Populism, Nationalism, and Societal Division

Steve Corbett

”) and socially liberal rhetoric (“hug a hoodie,” “compassionate conservatism”), including the much vaunted “big society” idea, which dusted off appeals to an imagined conservative communitarianism of the postwar One Nation Tory type, while seeking to

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Boris Maslov

of fundamental importance for not only the German but also the Russian nationalist discourse, prone to denouncing the excesses of Western individualism. 61 The communitarian ideal can even be seen to underlie the Marxist notion of freedom as

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Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor, and Olga R. Gulina

. Individualistic in orientation, the theory posited that immigrants and their children would shed their ethnic identities and become American. Nonetheless, earlier European immigrants maintained their communitarian traditions through American denominations. With