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Welcome to “Planet Porno”

Masculinity, Sexuality, and Fitness Doping

Jesper Andreasson and Thomas Johansson

scholars that the desire to improve one's appearance and social status is one of the most important factors in men's engagement in fitness doping, which usually means aiming for bigger muscles in line with prevailing norms of heteronormative masculinity

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Lolita Speaks

Disrupting Nabokov’s “Aesthetic Bliss”

Michele Meek

acknowledge the girl’s sexual desire and agency. Aesthetics or Ethics? In his 1959 essay, “On a Book Entitled Lolita ,” Nabokov argues that the sole purpose of Lolita is “aesthetic bliss,” which he defines as “a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected

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Speaking of the Holocaust

From Silence to Knowledge and Back Again

Keith Kahn-Harris

unspeakability . My argument is that, in the post-enlightenment world, genocide and many other acts became impossible to reconcile with the requirements of being rational, decent human beings. 5 That is not because the desire to commit such acts died, but

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The Elsewhere beyond Religious Concerns

Annalisa Butticci and Amira Mittermaier

long history of travel accounts, or the long-standing desire to reach beyond the planetary horizon. The dream of a mission to Mars. Anything but the depressing here and now! At first sight, the Elsewhere is what is not here. It shares certain

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The Morally Fraught Harga

Migration Blame Games in a Tunisian Border Town

Valentina Zagaria

shared desire among younger generations of men to seek a life in Europe. I begin by showing how Zarzis's reputation as an emigration town with a history of particular relations to the former French colonizers makes it a target of resentment and

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Mette Louise Berg, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, and Johanna Waters

and policies have increasingly aimed to “control,” “manage,” “contain,” and “prevent” migration, the need for careful attention to migrants’ everyday practices, desires, aspirations, and fears is particularly urgent, as is the importance of situating

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John Storey

up what we might call a method of radical utopian reading centred on defamiliarisation and desire. More, in a short book written in Latin and published in 1516, invented the word utopia. Although the book is now known simply as Utopia , its

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‘Coming To Look Alike’

Materializing Affinity in Japanese Foster and Adoptive Care

Kathryn E. Goldfarb

evident in physical similarity. Hashimoto’s focus on material resemblance was intended to domesticate what is still seen in Japan as the strange practice of adopting unrelated children, where the intentions and desires of adoptive parents are suspect. In

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Native Marriage “Soviet” and “Russian” Style

The Political Economy of Desire and Competing Matrimonial Emotions

Vera Skvirskaja

. 2013 ) that highlights the ways in which making decisions connects individual sentiments and desires to structures of social ordering and different sources of authority. Decisions are the results of personality, past experiences, imaginations

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Vera Schwarcz and Robert Weinberg

Before I Knew Shabbat Desire for Words

Moving a Large Library from My Apartment after 28 Years A Hope for Reincarnation Involving Significant Others