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Incarnation, Alienation, and Emancipation

A Sartrean Analysis of Filmic Violence

Daniel Sullivan

constitutive role of the audience in the incarnating ritual. “An act of violence never has witnesses. ” 23 The crowds that throng Randy's matches scream their demands for sacralized violence, barely able to contain themselves, including their desire for his

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The Social Consequences of Brexit for the UK and Europe

Euroscepticism, Populism, Nationalism, and Societal Division

Steve Corbett

populist discourse deployed by Eurosceptics before and during the referendum channeled a desire for empowerment and human dignity into a simple solution to complex problems: leave the EU, and the UK can “stand on its own two feet.” This suggests a

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Sartre in Austria

Boycott, Scandals, and the Fight for Peace

Juliane Werner

sense of the class struggle which I still retain to this day.” 10 In the year ending with the trip to Vienna, this desire led to a number of theoretical writings (especially the first two parts of “Les Communistes et la paix”), accompanied by arguments

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The Rule of Law—A Heuristic Perspective?

’re driven out … If a society is based on control by private wealth, it will reflect those values—values of greed and the desire to maximize personal gain at the expense of others. (2017: 143) The most adequate way to put the power into the hands of the

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Chiara Collamati

Translator : Marieke Mueller and Kate Kirkpatrick

structural specifications. Simultaneously, Sartre highlights as one of the dangers of Marxism the desire to suppress, in a more or less distant future, the dialectical tension between alienation and objectification; a tension that is constitutive both of

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Damon Boria, Thomas Meagher, Adrian van den Hoven, and Matthew C. Eshleman

position: there is no metaphysically robust self, no fact of the matter that makes people numerically separable in the way we ordinarily speak of them; [however, i]n the surfer’s easy self-transcendence, she remains herself, desires and all, but becomes

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Sociocultural Change in Hungary

A Politico-Anthropological Approach

Ferenc Bódi and Ralitsa Savova

Postcommunist Periods in Hungary After the Change of Economic and Political Regime: The 1990s According to Dahrendorf's (1990) main argument, dictatorships cannot be easily eliminated from society, and desire for or obedience to authoritarianism

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The Punctum and the Past

Sartre and Barthes on Memory and Fascination

Patrick Eldridge

some depth to our analyses. Indeed, because Barthes’s interest in photographs stems from the desire to find an image that restores the presence of his deceased mother to him, the book is also an elegiac treatise on memory and loss. Here, Barthes

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Xu Yanhui and Gong Ziyu

on them, and can and should play an active role to achieve particular desired goals. This power to respond to challenges and take action is the heart of community capacity (Beckley et al. 2002, cited in MacKendrick and Parkins 2004 ). Although the

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Concluding Remarks

A “Social Quality Observatory” for Central and Eastern European Countries?

Laurent J. G. van der Maesen

main political formations are expressions of the contemporary divide: the PiS (for law and order) and the PO (for civic participation). The attention for this reciprocity is stimulated by a widely supported desire for a Polish identity. This is caused