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Linda Gruen

have been granted to North American women. These freedoms included access to employment, to unchaperoned movement, and to education, all of which made women more noticeably visible in the public sphere. 3 Many travelers commented on US women's beauty

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It Was Not Meant to Be This Way

An Unfortunate Case of Anglo-Saxon Parochialism?

Tom Frost

that same period. In 1970, UK manufacturing accounted for 30 per cent of GDP, 16.3 per cent of total world exports and had trade surpluses of 4–6 per cent annually. Furthermore, 35 per cent of UK employment was in this sector. By 2010, 13 per cent of

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Waves of Dispossession

The Conversion of Land and Labor in Bali’s Recent History

Anette Fagertun

market integration, or from self-employment to wage labor ( Ford and Parker 2008 ; Fagertun 2013 , 2017a ; Lorenzen 2015: 178 ; Ramstedt 2012: 324 ). This shift has not only reinforced the capitalist wage contract but also foregrounded “the imperative

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Native Marriage “Soviet” and “Russian” Style

The Political Economy of Desire and Competing Matrimonial Emotions

Vera Skvirskaja

by prioritizing employment and educational achievements as sources of social prestige, the state’s concern with declining birth rates, especially after World War II, also attached social status to women’s reproductive role as child bearers. In the

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Love is Love

The Recent Jason Jones Judgement in Trinidad and Tobago

Dylan Kerrigan

had many consequences. Being out of the closest in T&T can impact your ability to get and hold employment. And, in a similar vein, since the judgement there have been numerous cases of parents and guardians asking young, gay men and women to leave

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Olga Nieuwenhuys

working far away from home. In many parts of the world, women's paid employment entails such long hours that little time is left for care work. The second line of inquiry is about the temporality of the debt that both women and children may find themselves

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Spiritually Enmeshed, Socially Enmeshed

Shamanism and Belonging in Ulaanbaatar

Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko

responsibility of the individual. Individuals once assured steady employment, health care, social welfare, and stability by the state have become untethered ( Pedersen and Højer 2008 ). No longer assisted by centralized infrastructure, they have become agents

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Legal regimes under pandemic conditions: A comparative anthropology

Geoffrey Hughes

informal recycling industry who already faced stigmatisation and discrimination to seek employment under the terms set out by officially sanctioned outfits. Surveying his interlocutors varyingly trapped at home with no means of subsistence or forced to work

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Prelude to a Grid

Energy, Gender and Labour on an Electric Frontier

Kristin D. Phillips

rates remain low. Rural Tanzanians in places like Singida hold out hope that grid connections will not only augment their access to household amenities like refrigeration and lighting, but also that it will boost their opportunities for employment

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Multiscalar moral economy

Global agribusiness, rural Zambian residents, and the distributed crowd

Tijo Salverda

employment and other opportunities, while visiting critics mainly focused on the negative impact a “powerful” company from their country of origin could have on “poor” rural residents—and against the expansion of capitalist markets. Generally speaking