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Conceptualizing Compassion in Communication for Communication

Emotional Experience in Islamic Sermons (Bengali waʿẓ maḥfils)

Max Stille

mother affects the communicative and emotional position of the believer: according to the analogy, the believer best approaches Allah as a desperate and crying child asking for forgiveness. The overflow of motherly love, as well as a possible lack of

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Where Character Is King

Gregory Doran’s Henriad

Alice Dailey

inviting us to view him as an object of horror, Britton’s Henry IV undid his son’s capacity to perform. It was this exposure to us that motivated Hal’s plea for forgiveness, ‘O pardon me, my liege!’ ( 2H4 4.3.267). The effects created by Henry’s direct

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Investing in Early Crisis Relief or Reelection?

Comparing German Party Responses to the Euro Crisis

Alexandra Hennessy

and recipients of social assistance from budget cuts. Denouncing austerity measures, the Left proposed that a combination of debt forgiveness and a tax on the assets of millionaires was a more socially acceptable way to reduce debt levels. 49 The

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Admiel Kosman

direct dialogue with his wife, to that imagined ‘God’ (that is, to his permanent pretence) and beginning a new string of prayers, of remorse and asking for forgiveness. But this did not happen, this time. Finally, something has cracked in that mighty

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Victor Jeleniewski Seidler

to apologize so that we can stand before God on this day. We have to feel that we have asked forgiveness of those we have wronged in some way over the previous year before we can stand upright before God. 4 s Elli Tikvah Sarah notes, ‘It takes courage

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Vertical Love

Forms of Submission and Top-Down Power in Orthodox Ethiopia

Diego Maria Malara and Tom Boylston

consider proper religious practice, to enlist protectors to compensate for their imperfections and to seek forgiveness and redemption on their behalf. According to Hagos, as well as many other informants of both authors of this article, when referring to

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Cross-Generational Abuse

Priests, Parishioners, and the Catholic Church in New Spain

Zeb Tortorici

's earthly intermediary. For as Rafael notes, “the logic of contrition is such that human desires should consist entirely of desiring God's desire. Forgiveness can only come after desires have been restructured so that the desire for the Father has been

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Cutting the Face

Kinship, State and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan

Geoffrey Hughes

or the terms of the truce may be altered such that people can enter the other side’s domain without violating the truce. In this way, demands for punitive damages are supposed to give way to mercy and then forgiveness on the part of the victim

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Recursivity and the Self-Reflexive Cosmos

Tricksters in Cuban and Brazilian Spirit Mediumship Practices

Diana Espírito Santo

assume the form of the Devil? The cape, the skull, the fire? The form we take is this one because if you work down in the depths of the dark shadows dressed like an angel, you’ll be eaten alive! … These are spirits who don’t know forgiveness or mercy or

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Emma Celeste Bedor

the guilty person through punishment or forgiveness” (1975: 65). Ultimately, although identification is more likely an explanation for revenge pornography’s popularity than non-identification and fascination, both theories could work synergistically to