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Perfect Love in a Better World

Same-Sex Attraction between Girls

Wendy L. Rouse

that they were seeking. Notes 1 Although we would call her a young woman, an unmarried female was then described and regarded as being a girl. 2 Sherrie Inness used this phrase in the title of her 1997 book, The Lesbian Menace: Ideology, Identity, and

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How to Survive the Postfeminist Impasse

Grace Helbig’s Affective Aesthetics

Catherine McDermott

proves useful in exploring and understanding Helbig’s digital practice. My analysis of girls’ contemporary media culture does not strive to uncover secretly subversive qualities of texts, nor, equally, to condemn works for ascribing to ideologies such as

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Contemporary Girls Studies

Reflections on the Inaugural International Girls Studies Association Conference

Victoria Cann, Sarah Godfrey, and Helen Warner

the significance of girls’ cultural consumption, Moody makes clear the intellectual and political potential of this collection. Working from McRobbie’s premise that girls’ and women’s periodicals “are powerful ideological forces” (1990: 83) in need of

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“This Is My Story”

The Reclaiming of Girls’ Education Discourses in Malala Yousafzai’s Autobiography

Rosie Walters

that “functions as the closest textual version of the political ideology of individualism,” and therefore, “is gendered as ‘male’” ( Gilmore 1994: 1 ). The autobiographical “I” is tied closely to an Enlightenment understanding of the self: “[A]ll ‘I

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A Literacy Landscape Unresolved

Beyond the Boy Crisis and into Superhero Fiction

Michael Kehler and Jacob Cassidy

restrictive and binaristic ideologies that tend to inform and drive teaching practices in literacy classrooms. After nearly two decades, the ongoing literacy debate still remains a constant area for concern among literacy educators and within the mainstream

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A Social Negotiation of Hope

Male West African Youth, ‘Waithood’ and the Pursuit of Social Becoming through Football

Christian Ungruhe and James Esson

wants to enjoy, but to which one will never have material access” (Mbembe cited in Ferguson 2006: 192 ). It is not just that return migrants and the import of various media, commodities, and ideologies from around the world associated with migratory

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“Like Alice, I was Brave”

The Girl in the Text in Olemaun’s Residential School Narratives

Roxanne Harde

’s persistent colonial ideology that sees these girls as exploitable and dispensable, but she also sees the ways in which they resist. As she notes, the lived history of these girls “is also characterized by an intergenerational strength that is too often

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“I Hope Nobody Feels Harassed”

Teacher Complicity in Gender Inequality in a Middle School

Susan McCullough

their complicity with what lay behind the actions of the boys. I argue that that this complicity, carried out every day at FDMS, working apparently in tandem with that strand of postfeminist ideology that sees feminism to be unnecessary because gender

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Naughtiest Girls, Go Girls, and Glitterbombs

Exploding Schoolgirl Fictions

Lucinda McKnight

of the book we read and the film we watch, we are always girled. We are always becoming girls, even as we are always becoming teachers ( Mitchell and Weber 1999 ) through an ideological maelstrom of cohering and disintegrating discourse ( Bakhtin 1981

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The Rumble of Nostalgia

Francis Ford Coppola’s Vision of Boyhood

Molly Lewis

Kellener . [ 1988 ] 1990 . Camera Politica: The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film . Bloomington, IN : Indiana University Press . Filmography Ballard , Carroll . 1979 . The Black Stallion . USA . Brickman , Paul . [ 1983 ] 2008