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The Office de la Famille Française

Familialism and the National Revolution in 1940s Morocco

Margaret Cook Andersen

appeals for moral reform. Although a number of scholars have explored the influence of Vichy ideology in specific French colonies, there has been scant investigation into the strong pronatalist and family-oriented components of this ideology and its

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Le Rallye Méditerranée-le Cap

Racing towards Eurafrica?

Megan Brown

misplaced, yet it took major political shifts across Africa for them to recognize that change had arrived. The rally's organizers relied on Eurafrican ideology, which promoted a reading of geography in which Europe and Africa were a single fused continent

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Rethinking France’s “Memory Wars”

Harki Collective Memories, 2003–2010

Laura Jeanne Sims

their mothers, whose marriages made them equal victims of the persecution their husbands faced. 55 In their analyses of women’s war narratives, the sociologists James Fentress and Chris Wickham found that few women “had any ideological stake in the

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Does the City of Ends Correspond to a Classless Society?

A New Idea of Democracy in Sartre's Hope Now

Maria Russo

relationship was not achieved by communism or by certain aspects of Marxist theory. At the end of his life, Sartre considered the historical, political and ideological defeat of the Left. In contrast to other works, it is evident here that the city of ends, the

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Sartre in Austria

Boycott, Scandals, and the Fight for Peace

Juliane Werner

, Indochina). The ideological idiosyncrasies of the reception process became obvious, for instance, when Sartre’s future friend Ilya Ehrenburg judged that the play was written neither “by a puzzled philosopher nor by a rebellious utopian[;] it’s a well

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Owen White and Elizabeth Heath

social realms of imperial economic experience as well as the full range of institutions and ideologies that enabled or set limits on economic action. It is, in short, the “life” part of economic life that interests us most. This is not to deny a

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Colette française (et fille de zouave)

Colette and the French Singularity

Kathleen Antonioli

her role in this construction considered in more depth. This article traces how the reception of Colette's literary oeuvre (in which she was both an object and an active participant) contributed to an ideology of French femininity that eventually

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Nick Underwood

. Seemingly aware of this conception, Jewish immigrant Communists were quick to take this interwar female construct and turn her into something that represented their ideological stance. Naye prese displayed the consumerist image of the Modern Girl to help

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Two Failures of Left Internationalism

Political Mimesis at French University Counter-Summits, 2010–2011

Eli Thorkelson

can encounter anti-state political activists by way of an ideological play of mirrors. It is not just the activists who are mimetic; state performative magic is equally grounded in its own history of mimesis. As Dolar quips, “The state is the true

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The French Empire Goes to San Francisco

The Founding of the United Nations and the Limits of Colonial Reform

Jessica Lynne Pearson

delegation would be able to “satisfy its penchant for ideological crusades and the [American] public's taste for progress and new ideas, applied on a global scale.” 20 Economic and military imperatives also drove US policy and American popular opinion