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“Containers, Carriers, Vehicles”

Three Views of Mobility from Africa

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga, Jeroen Cuvelier, and Katrien Pype

Internet) on social lives, infrastructural construction (roads, railroads, pipelines, airports) on the biophysical environments along and around them, the social lives that incoming technologies acquire locally, the feedback loop between natural resources

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De Berlin à la conquête du monde

L'irrésistible expansion du döner kebab

Stéphane de Tapia

, néerlandais, ou même polonais (!) en paquetages de 10, 25, 50 kg, commandés via Internet pour une livraison le lendemain matin, a conquis les cinq continents. En bref, partout où des Turcs, Kurdes, Grecs, Arméniens, Iraniens (la liste n'est sans doute pas

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Holly Thorpe

. According to Percovich, the Internet has always played an integral role in the development, communication, and fund-raising efforts of Skateistan: “Even when the organization was very, very basic … the Skateistan website had photos on there that connected

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Trajectoires numériques de la chronique judiciaire

DSK et le procès Carlton dans Le Monde, entre écrit et écran

Adeline Wrona

métier, je sais faire ça, qu’est-ce que vous en pensez ? » ; « tout de suite emballée», la rédaction du site répond immédiatement « C’est formidable ». « Prétoire numérique. La chronique judiciaire à l’heure d’internet : L’exemple du blog de Pascale

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Robyn Singleton, Jacqueline Carter, Tatianna Alencar, Alicia Piñeirúa-Menéndez, and Kate Winskell

(%) Author gender Male 330 (41.6) Female 463 (58.4) Mean age 13 Place of residence Urban 70 (8.8) Rural 723 (91.2) Technology available at home Television 666 (84.0) Internet 179 (22.6) A total of 936 young people under the age of 25 participated

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Alan Voodla, Elen Lotman, Martin Kolnes, Richard Naar, and Andero Uusberg

in the Media .” Internet, Film, News, Gossip: An Evolutionary Perspective on the Media , ed. Jerome Barkow . Oxford : Oxford University Press .

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Babette Babich

Internet, as the Internet turns out to be the medium not of news, but rather consummately as Debord but also Friedrich Kittler had earlier observed of a very well or thoroughly mediated non-consciousness. 45 As we rely more and more on such a source of

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Magdalena Rodziewicz

issue publicly, started to elaborate on its causes and consequences. The discussion that takes place in the public domain – on the internet, in the press, on television, in public institutions such as universities – is multidimensional and touches upon

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Back in Time Yet of His Time

Marty McFly as a 1980s Teenage Boy Role Model

Daniel Smith-Rowsey

America evolved toward its current preoccupation with child safety. Typing “1980s teen film” into Internet search engines will take them to a certain set of ribald films as well as some John Hughes classics, but their research/binge-party would do well to

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Ethical Engagement with Movies

Response to Carl Plantinga's Screen Stories

Cynthia Freeland

response of projection. Plantinga shows this by quoting from a fan's gushing comments from IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. Such a response is clearly troubling to Plantinga, who comments that the film fails to recognize that Tristan is a “jerk” (209