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Assessing Ritual Experience in Contemporary Spiritualities

The Practice of ‘sharing’ in a New Age Variant of Umbanda

Viola Teisenhoffer

participants, a fruitful line of analysis is the mechanism of ‘ritual refraction’, which Houseman (2007 , 2010 ) identifies as a distinctive feature of these new forms of ritualization, which also characterize Neo-Paganism. According to this model, these

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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

struggle for “black nationalism.” To Cade, Marxism, New Left politics, and doctrinaire Socialism were all incompatible with black nationalism (109). She wrote, “we rap about being correct” (103) and, “we’re so turned around about Western models, we don

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Jeanne Favret-Saada’s Minimal Ontology

Belief and Disbelief of Mystical Forces, Perilous Conditions, and the Opacity of Being

Theodoros Kyriakides

Magic .” Pp. 237 – 268 in Kinship and Beyond: The Genealogical Model Reconsidered , ed. Sandra Bamford and James Leach . New York : Berghahn Books . Viveiros de Castro , Eduardo . 2012 . “ Immanence and Fear: Stranger-Events and Subjects in

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Meike J. de Goede

colonial prison in Belgian Congo, where he would die in 1951. Matsoua seemingly fitted this model. Kimbangu and Matsoua were now considered two saviors in the same battle. Conclusion This article aimed to provide an understanding of why Matsoua’s followers

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Kosher Biotech

Between Religion, Regulation, and Globalization

Johan Fischer

. 1990 . “ Kosher Certification of Vinegar: A Model for Industry/Rabbinical Cooperation .” Food Technology 44 ( 7 ): 90 – 93 . Regenstein , Joe M. , and Carrie E. Regenstein . 1991 . “ Current Issues in Kosher Foods .” Trends in Food Science

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Bonee and Fitina

Mbororo Nomads Facing and Adapting to Conflict in Central Africa

Adamou Amadou

of previous conflicts and shocks. The question was whether and how this situation would still fit the model of nomadic pastoralists and their “culture of mobility” ( Adey 2009 ; de Bruijn 2007 ). In a culture of mobility, free and forced movements

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Sheikhs and the City

Urban Paths of Contention in Sidon, Lebanon

Are John Knudsen

. The outbreak of the Afghan war in 1979 introduced audiocassettes with songs that popularized the Afghan mujahidden as models of an Islamic resistance. This influenced the local religiosity in Sidon more generally, and the formation of a religious

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Kim Knibbe, Brenda Bartelink, Jelle Wiering, Karin B. Neutel, Marian Burchardt, and Joan Wallach Scott

, with the Netherlands developing a model of managing religious pluralism, called ‘pillarization’, which led to the formation of public spheres that were very much dominated by confessions and ideological orientations (schools, broadcasting companies, and

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Religious Tourism

Analytical Routes through Multiple Meanings

Emerson Giumbelli

Translator : Jeffrey Hoff

the Chinese State . Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield . Rinschede , Gisbert . 1992 . “ Forms of Religious Tourism .” Annals of Tourism Research 19 : 51 - 67 . 10.1016/0160-7383(92)90106-Y Ron , Amos S. 2009 . “ Towards a Typological Model of

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Understanding Experiences and Decisions in Situations of Enduring Hardship in Africa

Mirjam de Bruijn and Jonna Both

component “time” to this model, we understand that decisions of these kinds often do not take place just once in the life trajectory of the people we came to know; they can recur throughout time. If we extend our analytical perspective from the individual