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Ivan Jablonka

Translator : Nathan Bracher

the same objectives, nor do they work within the same time frame, but they all have the same manner of reasoning: by means of an empirical investigation based on models and evidence, they strive to deliver true statements about the real world. This

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The Algerian Café-Hotel

Hub of the Nationalist Underground, Paris 1926–1962

Neil MacMaster

Algerians might enter into joint ownership of a business, one continuing to work, often in a car factory, while helping out in the evenings or weekend or rotating the management in a highly flexible way. 30 In another model, a migrant worker would form a

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Paul Jankowski, Clifford Rosenberg, and Rebecca Pulju

Muslim who served as the chief of protocol for the Moroccan sultan. Built in the shadow of the Jardin des Plantes on the Left Bank on the model of a medieval Moroccan mosque-madrassa, Bou Inania in Fez, the Paris Mosque opened its doors in 1926. Ornate

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From Political Fringe to Political Mainstream

The Front National and the 2014 Municipal Elections in France

Gabriel Goodliffe

. Modeled on the Communisme municipal that held sway in the 1950s and 1960s over the industrial heartlands of northern and eastern France and Paris’s “red belt,” the aim in fashioning such a grassroots organization is to create a distinct political

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Muslim Notables, French Colonial Officials, and the Washers of the Dead

Women and Gender Politics in Colonial Algeria

Augustin Jomier

, despite their general claims of emancipating women from Arab/Muslim so-called barbarism. 26 On a legal level, the French Gouvernement général created colonial Ibadi law courts ( mahkama ). This institution followed the model of colonial Islamic courts

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Etty Terem

offers a critique of the position that frames the emergence of modern medicine in Morocco in terms of the conventional (and controversial) center-periphery model. Specifically, he challenges the view that humanitarian and philanthropic European doctors

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What Was So Funny about Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973)

A Comedic Film between History and Memory

Michael Mulvey

, modeled after one destroyed in Poland and demolished after filming, with the help of a working-class North African community in suburban Saint-Denis. 49 A couscous restaurant named El Djézaïr became the delicatessen À l’Étoile de Kiev, a halal butcher

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Whitney Walton

capacity to combine worldliness and intelligence with household management. Barine discerned a real-life model of French womanhood and proof against national degeneracy in Emilie Carlier, a young wife and mother who behaved heroically. In 1895, the newly

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Scott Gunther

creating new models for living, in what I’d call a ‘proto-bobo’ family.” (Vincent) I then asked them to compare their definition of bobo with other preexisting categories. I first asked what differences or similarities they perceived with the term gauche

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Michael Miller, Paul V. Dutton, and Laura Hobson Faure

came to set a model for the further creation of national parks back home while simultaneously justifying the gutting of indigenous forest culture in the name of preserving civilization. Yet for the French, the significance of trees was more than