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Anton Jansson, Kai Vogelsang, and Nele Kuhlmann

method and to develop a method with this preparatory knowledge. Foucault himself states three conditions: nihilism (questions norms), nominalism (questions universals), and historicism (focuses on historical transformations) (compare to p. 52). The

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Mirrors for Margraves

Peter Damian’s Models for Male and Female Rulers

Alison Creber

. Instead he warned Godfrey against behaving like a priest. Damian’s use of gender paradoxes and his references to “Duke” Adelaide and her “virile strength” suggest that, for him, male power was the norm and that partaking of masculinity, if only

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Joanna Bourke

environments (which may include forced sex or exploitative accumulation of material resources), but also by sexual selection (including taking into account the preferences of the opposite sex) and group selection (such as adhering to reproductive norms or

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Elizabeth S. Leet

’s loquacious and predatory sexuality and the Charybdis of the fairy mistress’s mystical and discreet femininity. Silence, therefore, reveals many of Marie’s subversions of gender norms. In her book Bodytalk: When Women Speak in Old French Literature , Jane

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Matthew Trundle

fought battles on behalf of their communities. 22 Herodotus also records stories that are abominations against the norms of the day. Cleomenes shocked the Greek world when he burned to death six thousand Argives in a sacred grove. 23 The story was no

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

—Western norms of etiquette and Enlightenment humanitarian ideals—emerged late and complemented what was already going on. The pacifying impulse of commerce hardly played a role: Russia was a resource-poor society with a serf-based autarkic economy where the

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Niki Megalommati

one Christ and one universal church, which was implied by the council’s commitment to absolute monogamy as the norm and raison d’être of Christian marriage. 50 Marriage is pure because it symbolizes the union of Christ and church; it is also holy and

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Amanda H. Littauer

-differentiated sexual relationship. As Alix Genter discusses in her article on butch-fem lesbian culture, young lesbians had to learn how to navigate the gendered landscape of postwar lesbianism, which included specific sexual practices, expectations, and norms. 20 In

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Louise Haagh

-spot she identifies in theories of deliberative democracy, one which affects women especially ( Pateman and Smith 2019: 116–117 ). I would add that when public institutions and norms that protect corrode, proposing either redistribution or participation as

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Paul Apostolidis, William E. Connolly, Jodi Dean, Jade Schiff, and Romand Coles

about actions. The revolution functioned as “a reality constituting a norm” for action ( Lukács 2009: 18 ). This certain future cut through multiple tendencies, the manifold conflicts of groups and individuals within the masses, as well as the economic