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Empire and Economics

Decolonising Colonialism and Its Legacies in Africa

Edited by Lawrence Hamilton

enlightening histories, concepts, fields and methods of inquiry. Second, dominant norms and methods of Western political theory have obscured empirical contexts by over-emphasising, on one hand, the historical significance of nationalism, liberalism and so on

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Relational Ethics and Partiality

A Critique of Thad Metz’s ‘Towards an African Moral Theory’

Motsamai Molefe

norm, some basic value like utility or dignity, in virtue of which one can differentiate between (what all) right and/or wrong actions have in common (321). His normative theory is ‘relational’, as opposed to individualist, 2 insofar as it ultimately

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A Negative Theory of Justice

Towards a Critical Theory of Power Relations

Leonard Mazzone

their motivations 7 , theories of justice developed within the field of political philosophy stand apart, starting from Aristotle's distinction between a legal conception of justice and conceptions of justice as equality. In the first case the norms

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Federica Stagni and Daryl Glaser

international law on the Palestinian question. International norms and law have always been based on the implicit assumption that the international legal regime would represent the proper tool to solve the ‘Palestinian question’. However, in no other case has

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Kathleen Lennon

which is, according to regulatory gender norms, at variance with it. Then, Butler suggests, we recognise that everyday gender is just such a performance. Butler 15 discusses Jenny Livingston’s film Paris Is Burning , 16 a documentary about drag balls

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Lawrence Hamilton

expansion, propagated normally alongside the barrel of a gun. This last point brings me to my second note of caution. We can easily overestimate the power of ideas. The ideas (and norms) that gain currency and longevity normally do not do so simply due to

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John Ireland and Constance Mui

racial justice. For example, our commitment to color-blindness as an ideal principle can result in social policies that ignore constraining background conditions for nonwhites. Ideal norms rarely hold up under non-ideal situations and Fugo concludes that

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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

concerned.” 11 While the outcome of al-Husayni’s appeal hung in an international balance weighted by the realpolitik of fascism’s advances, so too was it calibrated within liberalism’s framework of permissible norms. These norms did not spring from Europe

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Contemporary “Structures” of Racism

A Sartrean Contribution to Resisting Racial Injustice

Justin I. Fugo

something we make available, particularly through the inter-subjective world we construct. And this social world is constructed on and around not only material objects such as coffee beans, but ideas, beliefs, norms, and values, or what the later Sartre

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The Nemesis of the Suburbs

Richard Turner and South African Liberalism

Steven Friedman

1983 ) – it was not only the major stream of analysis, it became the norm. Jeremy Seekings, a sociologist who arrived at Witwatersrand University in 1985, recalls that ‘everyone (in the social science departments) assumed the mantle of Marxism […] – it