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Pablo Facundo Escalante

history of republicanism—that is, a history ultimately identified with the establishment of the republican form of government— turned into a real philosophy of history, insofar as, from Jules Michelet onward, like François Furet would say, “the Republic

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“It Is Better to Die”

Abbé Rousseau and the Meanings of Suicide

Jeffrey Merrick

manuscript and in some cases later published), and journals contain dozens of stories about men and women who drowned, hanged, or shot themselves. Some sources suggested global causes, especially pestilential “philosophy,” meaning the Enlightenment, but most

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From Morality to Psychology

Emotion Concepts in Urdu, 1870—1920

Margrit Pernau

crowd psychology written by ʿAbd ul Majīd Daryābādī, a scholar-cum-political activist from the region of Lucknow. 4 Philosophical Treatises and Advice Books: Creating the Ethical Self One of the most important influences on Indo-Muslim moral philosophy

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Rob Boddice, Christian J. Emden, and Peter Vogt

metaphors with broad social and cultural effects can be observed from Blumenberg to Norbert Nolz to Manuel Castells. The glue of this theoretical discussion is the recognition that talk of networks across disciplines—from philosophy and media theory to

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Klaus Oschema, Mette Thunø, Evan Kuehn, and Blake Ewing

enthuse other scholars to continue exploring how the usage of one of the most emblematic words of globalization shapes the world that we are trying to understand today. Closing the Empathy Deficit in Philosophy and History Derek Matravers, Empathy

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

religiously sanctioned violence akin to crusades and its moral philosophy advocated personal restraint, inner reformation, and mercy. Exceptions were two periods of forcible conversion of Muslims in the Middle Volga and Bashkiria in the eighteenth century

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Does Democratic Theory Need Epistemic Standards?

Grounds for a Purely Procedural Defense of Majority Rule

Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti

-Instrumental Value. ” In Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy , ed. Thomas Christiano and John Christman , 213 – 228 . Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell . 10.1002/9781444310399.ch12 Arendt , Hannah . 1967 . “ Truth and Politics .” New Yorker , February

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The Modernity of Political Representation

Its Innovative Thrust and Transnational Semantic Transfers during the Sattelzeit (Eighteenth to Nineteenth Centuries)

Samuel Hayat and José María Rosales

, “Hobbes on Representation,” European Journal of Philosophy 13, no. 2 (2005): 155–184. 17 Yves Sintomer, “La représentation-incarnation: idéaltype et configurations historiques” [Representation as embodiment: Ideal type and historical configurations

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Art to Table

The Power of Aesthetics in Women’s Cookbooks of the Belle Époque

Samantha Presnal

thread into the avant-propos , a collection of adages excerpted from the Physiologie du goût by Brillat-Savarin, the man who united food and form and crafted a philosophy of taste. Channeling the godfather of gastronomy, Jost sets high expectations for

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Travel and Transformation

A Diachronic Study of the Changing Concept of Weisheng in Chinese Journals, 1880-1930

Bo Hu

, whose theory is a fine case of combining the preventive philosophy of traditional medicine and Western biomedical technology. In a sense, it is more in line with Fryer’s series in that it is oriented more toward the individual. In his 1906 book, A