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Michael Herzfeld

imposed privacy for which libertarians and hard-core rightists alike would see no reason to assume any responsibility. There, I fear, an immature maleness may resuscitate the less attractive aspects of high-school life, where surreptitious giggles and

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Brian Bergen-Aurand

, privacy, and anonymity” (ibid.: 66), and summarizing their goal to image sex inside this machine. Something other than only scientific investigation—prurience, humor, pleasure, ethics, politics—comes into play in this experience of screening bodies

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From the Auto-mobile to the Driven Subject?

Discursive Assertions of Mobility Futures

Katharina Manderscheid

future car provides protected privacy and the option of retreat. People portrayed in the video are dressed as if on the way to the office or in between business meetings. At first, there is a man in formal trousers and a shirt, the suit jacket seemingly

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Victor Igreja

compelled to respect the privacy of the other user, as he also expected others to respect his privacy. I asked him whether it was possible to have privacy in a public toilet. He answered: ‘I guess what I am trying to say is that, as users, good etiquette

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The Limits of Knowing Other Minds

Intellectual Disability and the Challenge of Opacity

Patrick McKearney

because Joel Robbins (2008: 426) describes them as holding a severe “opacity doctrine” that forbids all talk of another's interior states as a serious violation of that person's dignity and privacy (see also Robbins and Rumsey 2008: 416 ). Robbins (n

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Neoliberalism, Hedonism and the Dying Public

Reclaiming Political Agency through the Exercise of Courage

Grant M. Sharratt and Erik Wisniewski

Arendt describes as the ‘social’ realm, the emergence of a ‘common wealth, the result of activities formerly banished to the privacy of the households’ that ‘was permitted to take over the public realm’ ( Arendt 1998: 68 ). But Arendt's description of a

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Ling Tang, Jun Zubillaga-Pow, Hans Rollmann, Amber Jamilla Musser, Shannon Scott, and Kristen Sollée

reinforcing particular moralized norms of monogamy and privacy. The reverence of the neoliberal logic that privileges monogamy, privacy, and the Child, what is now deeply familiar through the works of Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman. At the micro

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American Extraterritorial Legislation

The Data Gathering behind the Sanctions

Ali Laïdi

of individual privacy rights’. 15 When internet giants think privacy, senators think national security. Hence, Congress justifies the Cloud Act in order to ‘fight serious crime’. 16 This sufficiently vague notion authorizes all digital intrusions

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From Selfies to Sexting

Tween Girls, Intimacy, and Subjectivities

Antonio García-Gómez

ethical responsibility as researchers. First, we ensured the anonymity and, therefore, the privacy of the girls in our using their self-selected pseudonyms and in offering no personal references. Second, with regard to my analytical and ethical position

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Tourism and COVID-19

Intimacy Transformed or Intimacy Interrupted?

Hazel Andrews

attached to ideas of privacy, to which being intimate alludes. As Levent Soysal (2010) argues, in a world that seems saturated with increased media spectacles and the willingness of people to publicly share that which was once only private, the emergence