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Galina Kharyuchi

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

rituals was published in Atlas Arkhangel’skoi gubernii 1797 goda (The Atlas of the Arkhangelsk Gubernia of 1797). The atlas contains first mentioning of the Vaygach Island as “a public place of sacrifice” ( Baryshev 2012: 331 ). In 1855 Archimandrite

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Angelina Lukina

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

, an understanding of how the world was constructed and operated. Osuokhai , a circle ritual dance, originates in the ancient Turkic culture and is associated with a summer festival called ysyakh , which has since the 1990s obtained symbolic

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Dances with Heads

Parasitic Mimesis and the Government of Savagery in Colonial East Timor

Ricardo Roque

In this article, I investigate the colonial trade between ‘civilization’ and ‘savagery’ through the relations that the representatives of the colonial state maintained with indigenous ritual violence. I explore this topic on the basis of a revealing

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Blood and the City

Animal Representations and Urban (Dis)orders during the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ in Istanbul and Khartoum

Alice Franck, Jean Gardin, and Olivier Givre

cultural and religious contexts. A kind of universal ritual item for anthropologists ( Cartry 2002: 643 ), it has nonetheless been interpreted in such various manners that any assumption of a common sacrificial model (from Mauss and Hubert to Girard) is

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The Magic of Bureaucracy

Repatriation as Ceremony

Laura Peers

-mail, by publication of decisions, by letter, through formal minuted committee meetings, and by carefully planned face-to-face visits; it follows institutional policy and cultural protocol. Such actions are performed carefully, formally—ritually. While the

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Demotion as Value

Rank Infraction among the Ngadha in Flores, Indonesia

Olaf H. Smedal

different values—even or perhaps just precisely opposite ones—are dominant in separate social spheres. Obvious candidates for such differently valorized social spheres would be the ritual and the secular, the religious and the economic, and men’s activities

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Toing and Froing the Social

Don Handelman

Understandably, one would think, the social is the heartland of ritual studies. What is ritual, if not the Durkheimian effervescence of the social? Still, a number of the essays in this volume move towards the borders of the social. Perhaps this has occurred because the contributors were asked to think of ritual in its own right, thereby freeing them from the so deeply embedded anthropological stricture that ritual is social because it must be attached to, relate to, or service some group. Ritual is created by groups and expressive of groups, otherwise it is insignificant. This complicity of ritual and groupness implicitly demands that rite have meaning or function for the social, the raison d’être of ritual’s existence. Thus, the structures, dynamics, and processes of ritual are immediately oriented to the social. Rarely considered is that taking this tack eliminates other possibilities in which thinking on ritual ignores the borders of the social.

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The Algebra of Souls

Ontological Multiplicity and the Transformation of Animism in Southwest China

Mireille Mazard

burial plot to open the path for the deceased into the ‘shadow realm’, or mhade . 2 In the ritual unfolding of a Nusu funeral, the yãn-hla (soul or doppelgänger) emerges from latency into full personhood, supplanting the corporeal existence of the

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A Purging Presence

The Dog in Zoroastrian Tradition

Mahnaz Moazami

obnoxious in certain aspects. Death in Zoroastrianism In Zoroastrian religion the body in its pristine state is pure, unless and until by some means it later becomes ritually polluted. But once it dies, Nasu- (Av. nasao- f., nasuš- n.; MPers. nas

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Don Handelman and Galina Lindquist

We have discussed ritual between us for a long time—Don often from his suspicions of the canonical understanding of ritual as representation, Galina through her studies of healing and therapeutic efficacy