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Making the State Blush

Humanizing Relations in an Australian NGO Campaign for People Seeking Asylum

Tess Altman

oppositional groups. Humanization did two main things: first, it put forth a notion of humanity based on common values and rights; second, it rescaled relations away from generalized stereotypes to the level of the person, whether a person seeking asylum, a

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Julienne Weegels

, and facilitated my obtaining airtime on it too. His radio programme had broad appeal to a young audience and provided a platform through which to clarify prejudices and stereotypes about prison life and post-prison stigmatization. Yet Nilson's relation

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Ward Keeler

foreign languages. 4 Or an inclination toward anthropology perhaps? Anthropologists have taken recently to accusing each other of overgeneralizing about—which is to say, stereotyping—the people we study. I am stereotyping ‘us’, anthropologists, not ‘them

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Navigating Unpredictable Sites

Methodological Implications of Positioning during and after Fieldwork in Conflict Societies

Eva Gerharz

, where mutual mistrust, deep polarization, stereotyping, and exclusion shape society, more often than not along ethnic boundaries? Positioning becomes a much more intricate venture because it implies not only that our relatedness in the field might

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To Smile and Not to Smile

Mythic Gesture at the Russia-China Border

Caroline Humphrey

effect—to counter perceived foreign stereotypes of the Chinese as ‘backward’ and ‘uncivilized’ ( Yulin Zhuang 2009 ), enabling them to match ‘global standards’ ( Boutonnet 2011: 93–94 ). In this light, the shopkeepers of Manzhouli have begun to interpret

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The emergence of the global debt society

Governmentality and profit extraction through fabricated abundance and imposed scarcity in Peru and Spain

Ismael Vaccaro, Eric Hirsch, and Irene Sabaté

for entrepreneurial empowerment, as an all-purpose economic and ethical silver bullet that fights poverty and underdevelopment's vices and evils, such as those stereotypically seen to inhere in abusive husbands, broken families, and disempowered

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Fieldwork at sunset

Visual representations of anthropology online

Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Hannah Gould

. We will demonstrate how surprisingly un representative online images of anthropology are: far from showing the contemporary discipline's breadth and critical contributions, the images rehearse worn stereotypes of faraway fields and exotic “others

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Neutrality in foreign aid

Shifting contexts, shifting meanings—examples from South Sudan

Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

we can see in the case described above, manifested through withdrawal from communication with the local authorities and techniques of avoidance. It was informed by a stereotypical, demonized perception of the ruling African elites. Women’s Day: Who is

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A gendered ethnography of elites

Women, inequality, and social reproduction

Luna Glucksberg

be diverse and not very much at all like “ladies who lunch” (a British stereotype used to describe financially comfortable women who occupy their time with frivolous social activities). They knew the stereotypes very well, of course, and played with

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Kendall House, Alexander King, and Karl Mertens

: the residents view their land use as self help and use of a public good in the face of a severe conventional housing shortage; whereas the municipality and some citizens view the residents of these settlements as freeloaders (nakhalovki), a stereotype