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Constructing Difference and Imperial Strategy

Contrasting Representations of Irish and Zionist Nationalism in British Political Discourse (1917–1922)

Maggy Hary

country hating each other like hell for the love of God.” 12 Though simplistic, this stereotyped presentation formed a prelude to a more sophisticated strategic and military argument about the methods Britain should implement to hold onto her imperial

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A Fiction of the French Nation

The Émigré Novel, Nostalgia, and National Identity, 1797–1815

Mary Ashburn Miller

stereotyped aristocratic experience. The émigrés in the novels could not claim “Frenchness” through an embrace of French culture, language, or even a Gallican Catholicism, for these very elements often hindered the survival of émigrés. Families in exile

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Mirrors for Margraves

Peter Damian’s Models for Male and Female Rulers

Alison Creber

at times he endows even a despicable plant with wonderful qualities.” 69 Damian never describes Godfrey in this way. Damian’s use of gender paradoxes accepts and reinforces traditional stereotypes regarding women and power. He also utilized other

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

ample statistical evidence of homicide rates, loss in war, and frequency of armed combat, as well as anecdotal evidence of growing revulsion toward violence. In the very big picture, life in the stereotypical European civilized society has indeed

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John Gillespie, Kyle Shuttleworth, Nik Farrell Fox, and Mike Neary

internalisation of stereotypes by the victim, remain unexplored. Thus, Webber not only provides us with an analytically satisfactory account of existentialism but also demonstrates the benefits of possessing a more accurately defined theory. The current

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Misbehaving Women

Trespass and Honor in Late Medieval English Towns

Teresa Phipps

Castelyn, may suggest that these women fitted into the stereotype of the “quarrelsome woman.” 53 However, both employed the more typically “male” discourse of honor based on trust and economic fidelity in their verbal attacks. Furthermore, of the 227

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Amy Cox Hall, Sergio González Varela, Jessica S.R. Robinson, Peter Weisensel, and David Wills

were their ostensible subject, and she presents some interesting reflections on how their finished accounts were composed (48, 63). Again, political and cultural stereotypes are seen to have infused the narrative of travel: agricultural land was praised

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Coulthard, Glen Sean. Red Skin, White Masks

Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition

Elaine Coburn

in colonialisation than scholarly, political theories. Not least, popular culture reproduces colonial stereotypes that offer racist ‘misrecognition’ of the Indigenous person as (ontologically or ‘culturally’ inferior) Other. 6 Second, Coulthard

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Joanna Bourke

Pinker believes that computer games “overflow with violence and gender stereotypes” but that rape is “conspicuously absent.” 39 This myth has been exploded in Anastasia Powell and Nicola Henry’s book Sexual Violence in a Digital Age , which analyzes

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“To take a wyf”

Marriage, Status, and Moral Conduct in “The Merchant’s Tale”

Natalie Hanna

’s Tale,” and May’s successful opposition to Januarie’s control prevents both characters from transcending the fabliau stereotypes of adulteress wife and cuckolded husband, but nonetheless these profound social concerns of the age are raised through the