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A Vision of the Viewer

Situating Narration in the Fiction Film in the Context of Theories of Narrative Comprehension

Joseph P. Magliano and James A. Clinton

relevant event schemas. In this way, he emphasized a dynamic relationship between the flow of images on the screen and the knowledge activated to support comprehension. Like Russian formalism, he specified how learned, stereotypical patterns in the syuzhet

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Esilda Luku

stereotypical image of concentration camp prisoners. These include a photograph showing the deportation of Polish Jews, a mass grave, a prisoner, a barracks, and the entrance to Auschwitz. History 8 features three pictures with reference to the Holocaust in a

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Catalin Brylla and Mette Kramer

related but not interchangeable. Another example is the use of social stereotypes—a common contextual coefficient in documentary production and reception. This particular coefficient may or may not lead to the social impact of prejudice toward and

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Andreas Baranowski and Heiko Hecht

stereotypes of people ( Thomas and Johnston 1981 ) and experiences ( Bordwell 1985 ) to let viewers form simplified representations of the portrayed events. Thus, simplifications are deliberately used by moviemakers, either to help the audience comprehend a

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Meglio di ieri

Educational Films, National Identity and Citizenship in Italy from 1948 to 1968

Anne Bruch

stereotype that lasted until the late 1980s and consisted in the idea that Italy was an economically efficient industrial nation, made up of industrious and modest men who only cared for their own families and their Italian fatherland. Figure 1 Yesterday: War

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Thebes Troutman as Traveling Tween

Revising the Family Story

Margaret Steffler

marked by “scars, faded hickeys and plaster cast” (2008: 208), works in an aggressive way, carving words into the dashboard and creating a bloody mannequin head entitled “This Boy is Obviously Dying” (178). Thebes, filling a more stereotypical female role

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Towards a Fairer Future

An Activist Model of Black Girl Leadership

Courtney Cook

professionals; these can include “racial differences in speech and socialization [and] ethno-sexual stereotypes” ( Davis and Sanchez-Hucles 2010: 173 ) that are used to devalue their Blackness by setting it in competition with their professionalism. These

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Girls’ Work in a Rural Intercultural Setting

Formative Experiences and Identity in Peasant Childhood

Ana Padawer

carried and had also learned how her father used a homemade tool (“he uses this to measure”) to align the furrows. Far from the stereotypical images of children engaged in child labor, the Estrella children climbed trees, picked fruit and vegetables that

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David Bordwell

a role for stereotyped conceptual structures that the perceiver deploys in order to identify what’s going on and fit that to a larger context. My only substantive comment on Joe and James’s useful analysis is to wonder whether the focus on verbal

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Beyond the Discourse of Sexualization

An Inquiry into the Adultification of Tween Girls’ Dressing in Singapore

Bernice Loh

’s Four Faces: Sexualisation and Gender Stereotyping in the Bailey Review .” Gender and Education 24 , no. 3 : 303 − 310 . doi: 10.1080/09540253.2012.660136 10.1080/09540253.2012.660136 Bragg , Sara , and David Buckingham . 2012 . “ Global