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Jonathan Bach, Heather L. Dichter, Kirkland Alexander Fulk, Alexander Wochnik, Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, and Carol Hager

the strengths of German Sports, Doping, and Politics is that is places the developments of German sport policy within the context of the expanding influence of sport science within the Federal Republic and the globally growing anti-doping movement

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Political Regeneration

José Bonifácio and Temporal Experiences in the Luso-American World in the Early Nineteenth Century

Maria Elisa Noronha De Sá and Marcelo Gantus Jasmin

the post of cabinet minister. At this time, Bonifácio began to organize what he called a “center for strength and unity” throughout the country. Upon the break with Portugal he became involved, not just with dealing with the problems of governance, but

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Mark S. Micale

the decline. These are historically significant developments indeed. In fact, my sense is that Pinker actually underestimates how great a transformation in sensibility is represented by the growing strength of animal-human bonds and the enrichment of

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Hugo Bonin and Aleksandra Konarzewska

's suffrage—in order to avoid repetition of previous research, by his own admission (42)—the transnational nature of the feminist movement would probably add strength to his argument. In the spring of 1917, as the sacrifices of millions of men and women went

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Kudzai Matereke

strength in the way the author balances the rungano (story) with intense and rigorous analysis of the mobilities of the main character, tsetse fly. For a mudzimbahwe , animate and inanimate beings have anthropomorphic will and intent, and thus shape the

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Conjunctures and Convergences

Remaking the World Cultures Displays at the National Museum of Scotland

Henrietta Lidchi

has been enduringly debated in internationalist terms, and the master planning process drew strength from wider policy discussions about the relevance of cultural institutions and encouraged curators to argue for a renewal of museums’ mandate in regard

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The Modernity of Political Representation

Its Innovative Thrust and Transnational Semantic Transfers during the Sattelzeit (Eighteenth to Nineteenth Centuries)

Samuel Hayat and José María Rosales

constructivism alike. Its assumed ahistorical character may have been a strength as a legitimizing principle; it is now a serious flaw that weakens democratic rule itself. Accordingly, the purpose of this special section is to document with the help of two case

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Alejandro Miranda

-as-entity and practice-as-performance formulated by Schatzki 11 and further elaborated by Shove and colleagues. 12 Schatzki theorizes the articulation of assorted elements in time and space as practice-arrangement bundles. One strength of this ontological

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Sandbags, Strikes, and Scandals

Public Disorder and Problematic Policing in Occupied Roubaix during World War I

James E. Connolly

strength of rumor and public perception during the occupation is again evident. However, Lernoux concluded: “Following the demonstration of rue Voltaire, I understood that M. le Commissaire no longer had the necessary authority.” 80 Investigating policeman

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’Tis but a Habit in an Unconsolidated Democracy

Habitual Voting, Political Alienation and Spectatorship

Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

Aldrich et al. (2011: 540 ) arguing for a contextual understanding of habitual voting; specifically, they illustrated that the strength of habit ‘derives from repetition of the behavior in a similar context of choice’. To elaborate, for Aldrich et al