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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

clearly an intentionally political work. 11 Yet (Joffrin aside) his harshest critics usually reject the possibility of Submission as an actual political statement. If Houellebecq lends aid and comfort to the Front national it is out of carelessness, they

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Frédéric Viguier

people not be justified in thinking that they had been duped by a fake decolonization? The suspicion I heard relies on an understanding of decolonization that means more than simply the acquisition of national sovereignty, but also entails social justice

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Marrying into the Nation

Immigrant Bachelors, French Bureaucrats, and the Conjugal Politics of Naturalization in the Third Republic

Nimisha Barton

national point of view … the petitioner lives in an irregular situation and would present no guarantee of stability.” The “irregular situation” in question referred to Wainer’s cohabitation with a mistress, rather than a wife. Though she was French, the

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Decolonizing “La Brousse

Rural Medicine and Colonial Authority in Cameroon

Sarah C. Runcie

. French doctors in Cameroon saw international health organizations as not only competing for influence over medical institutions, but also as posing an existential threat to their professional identity. During the colonial period, French doctors

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Whitney Walton

, literary, and historical publications, along with an extraordinary cache of letters addressed to Barine and held in the Manuscript Department of the National Library of France, this article adds another interpretation of Barine's historical significance. 4

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Conflicted Power of the Pen

The Impact of French Internment on the Pacifist Convictions and Literary Imagination of Lion Feuchtwanger

Nicole Dombrowski Risser

versus paperless refugees, his camp memoir described—better than any novel or contemporary journalistic account—the mental stress created by the loss of national identity papers. Identity papers mattered as much as food or water in the game of

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Owen White and Elizabeth Heath

offered Tunisians ample opportunity to manipulate colonial ideas of nationality and identity and, in the process, evade onerous tax obligations. 33 In other cases what the colonial state called smuggling was simply the continuation of old trade across new

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Le Rallye Méditerranée-le Cap

Racing towards Eurafrica?

Megan Brown

demonstrated that tourism served a purpose for the governments that promoted it, building national identity by introducing populations to “their” country and encouraging visitors to view or partake in local culture deemed to be representative of the nation as a

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Jews and Christians in Vichy France

New and Renewed Perspectives

Michael Sutton

virtue of his years of work starting already in 1906 on the famous “Malet-Isaac” history textbooks, he cannot but have been aware that he had been contributing in his own way to the continued forging of France’s national identity. Perhaps most important

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Camus et la « littérature algérienne »

Une notion stratégique dans l’espace littéraire francophone

Tristan Leperlier

littérature nationale (et de manière générale la littérature légitime) est un enjeu central d’un champ littéraire. Cet espace de concurrence qu’est le champ ne se fonde d’ailleurs pas nécessairement sur des bases nationales, même si le développement d