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Restoring Viable Relations in Emigrant Gambia

Paolo Gaibazzi

in particular, venturing out of the village was a main pathway to securing subsistence and well-being. By laboring and trading abroad, men acquired money to buy food for their household, improve housing conditions, send their parents to Mecca, pay for

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Naila Maier-Knapp

, prominently the World Health Organization (WHO), the Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). These organizations were the key orchestrators of assistance and the EU and its member states also channeled

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Sanctuary City Organizing in Canada

From Hospitality to Solidarity

David Moffette and Jennifer Ridgley

-specific campaigns to force the adoption of similar policies by school boards, food banks, and anti-violence against women organizations. While these struggles included an objective of policy reform that would standardize DADT guidelines, a key dimension to this

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“Containers, Carriers, Vehicles”

Three Views of Mobility from Africa

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga, Jeroen Cuvelier, and Katrien Pype

demarcation of a nature park, the Baka were forced to resettle in villages. The analytical opposition of mobility versus immobility illustrates how forced displacement and resettlement fundamentally disrupted knowledge about the forest, food production

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Living Through and Living On?

Participatory Humanitarian Architecture in the Jarahieh Refugee Settlement, Lebanon

Riccardo Luca Conti, Joana Dabaj, and Elisa Pascucci

had experienced lack of food or cash ( UNHCR 2017 ). Children between 3 and 18 years old constitute approximately 54 percent of the Syrian refugee population. It is estimated that nearly 60 percent of them do not attend school ( UNHCR 2017 ). The

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Undocumented People (En)Counter Border Policing

Near and Far from the US Border

Denise Brennan

have interviewed grocery store owners about police and ICE arrests outside their store fronts; women who sell food out of the back of their vehicles to undocumented farmworkers who fear driving to get provisions; medical professionals who find creative

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Migration and Citizenship in “Athens of Crisis”

An Interview with Vice Mayor Lefteris Papagiannakis

Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou and Nina Papachristou

someone comes from a migrant background will be less important in times of crisis—we will need huge amounts of resources, food, and services for people. And in the future many jobs that we have now will be gone—because seven out of ten jobs of the future

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Managing a Multiplicity of Interests

The Case of Irregular Migration from Libya

Melissa Phillips

or from Italy, but following widespread criticism, the EU now channels assistance, such as food, through international organizations ( Brachet 2016 ). Inhumane conditions in Libyan detention centers have been well documented and are characterized by

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Theorizing Mobility Transitions

An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Cristina Temenos, Anna Nikolaeva, Tim Schwanen, Tim Cresswell, Frans Sengers, Matt Watson, and Mimi Sheller

. Stopping oil companies might be more important than encouraging consumers to turn the lights off, and this would have an impact on transportation and food systems as well as wider business practices. If we want to transform or replace high-carbon social

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Mobile Disasters

Catastrophes in the Age of Manufactured Uncertainty

Steve Matthewman

-term food provision, the location of coastal communities, the demographic drift to urban regions, suitable infrastructure, and the role of the media. 50 Globally, pressure has mounted to expunge nuclear power from the portfolio of national energy policy