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Science, Customs, and the Modern Subject

From Emulation to Education in the Semantics of Spanish Enlightenment

Pablo Sánchez León

shake moral habits out of decadence and adapt them to commercial society. The radicalization of Enlightenment brought about by the French Revolution allowed for alternative orientations. A contemporary of Jovellanos, Ramón de Salas, another moral and

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Christopher E. Forth

restoration. Despite some critical and obvious differences in focus and inflection over a century, there is a broad family resemblance between the proposals for gender regeneration in the decades leading up to the French Revolution and those proffered towards

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Camille Robcis and Benjamin Poole

Noiriel, on the trajectories of former Marxist thinkers such as Régis Debray and Alain Finkielkraut, and on specific neo-republican laws and events such as the bicentennial celebration of the French Revolution, the affaire du foulard , and the parité

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God's Voice in a Secular Society

A Christian Perspective

Trevor Wedman

society, it is that it is founded on the principles of the French Revolution, liberty, equality and fraternity. Yet, as the Spanish political theorist and diplomat Donoso Cortés correctly pointed out in the nineteenth century, these principles can be

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Peter Herrmann

community is now embarking upon a third generation of human rights which may be called “rights of solidarity.” We can say this is structurally already mirrored by the sequence of the guiding lines and foundations of the French Revolution, proclaiming

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Book Reviews

Hegelianisms without Metaphysics?

David James, Bahareh Ebne Alian, and Jean Terrier

essay, even find a sort of aesthetic pleasure in it. But like the sands, it quickly fades away. That the world does change we've known at least since the French Revolution. But for someone interested in the processual constitution of reality, Bloch

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David Schweikart

values that might have served to restrain historical rebellion disappeared. Thus, followed the excesses of the French Revolution, the “irrational terror” of fascism, and the “rational terror” of Marxism. For the latter, its “scientific” certainty that a

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Joyce Marie Mushaben, Shelley Baranowski, Trevor J. Allen, Sabine von Mering, Stephen Milder, Volker Prott, and Peter C. Pfeiffer

project of the West.” This German aberration from the democratic, liberal, and humanitarian ideals of the American and French Revolutions of 1776 and 1789 began in 1914, when the German army committed numerous atrocities in Belgium and northern France. It

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Nadia Malinovich

the curriculum was modeled after the French system, with the addition of Hebrew and bible studies. 13 Just as the centralizing French state sought to suppress local languages and cultural specificities in the aftermath of the French Revolution, the

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Jablonka’s History

Literature and the Search for Truth

Sarah Fishman

Robin Hood, Ivanhoe romanticized its portrayal of medieval England, the conflicts between Saxons and Normans, and the Crusades. Jablonka regards Ivanhoe as the template for history in the aftermath of the French Revolution. The post-Waterloo era was