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Common Democracy

Political Representation beyond Representative Democracy

Alexandros Kioupkiolis

read as a contestation over democratic representation as these movements tried out new forms of collective, participatory self-governance in protest against the status quo ( Prentoulis and Thomassen 2013 ; Hardt and Negri 2012 ). Contemporary Marxist

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Documenting Sea Change

Ocean Data Technologies, Sciences, and Governance

Kathleen M. Sullivan

We are in the midst of a reconfiguration of approaches to ocean governance. Existing governance philosophies and practices are being reconfigured through an intimate dance with climate change anxieties, with changing ocean conditions (ocean

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Governing the Sun

The Challenges of Geoengineering

Klaus Radunsky and Tim Cadman

unable or unwilling to take concerted action, calling into question the legitimacy of intergovernmentalism as a means of global governance ( Gale 2013 ; Goyal 2015 ). Various assessments conclude that the risks of not meeting either the 1.5°C or the 2

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EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

A new space for a study of novel forms of diplomacy

Zane Šime

Roughly three decades ago, scholarly discussions commenced on the multilevel governance as a distinction between three levels of governance—regional, national, and European. Back then, the term was valued as a helpful way to approach the

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Crafting Spaces of Value

Infrastructure, Technologies of Extraction and Contested Oil in Nigeria

Omolade Adunbi

( Adunbi 2015 ). While the amnesty programme succeeded, to a large extent, in mitigating insurgency in the Niger Delta, Niger Delta youths have engaged in new forms of contestation that challenge the state's governance of the region's huge oil reserves

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Luke B. Wood

Greek bailout was part of a larger institutional crisis in European-level regional macroeconomic management, a crisis in which federal ministers had much to gain or lose in modifications to the European Union governance status quo. The second goal of the

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Exceptionalism and Necropolitical Security Dynamics in Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Margit Ystanes and Tomas Salem

cloaked in a narrative about security, urban development, expanding citizenship, and social inclusion. For countless favela residents, however, these interventions reasserted old patterns of authoritarian state governance toward their communities. Favelas

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High-rise social failures

Regulating technologies, authority, and aesthetics in the resettlement of Taipei military villages

Elisa Tamburo

Zhongxin Village's relocation—and on a month and a half of follow-up fieldwork in 2017—a year after the relocation. New regulatory regimes, articulated with new house technologies, governance, and aesthetics challenge the inhabitants’ spatial practices

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Linda D’Amico

extraction and a more centralised approach to governance. During 1995–2012 the rural population reorganised and halted two transnational corporations from gaining a foothold in the region, opting for sustainable alternatives ( CMI 2007 ). Elected to office in

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Non- and dedocumenting citizens in Romania

Nonrecording as a civil boundary

Ioana Vrăbiescu

Within theories about the state, some scholars point to the existence of a weak or illegible state ( Desch 1996 ; Goldsmith 2002 ) and others to a violent one whose governance triggers mainly surveillance and control over its citizens ( Gupta 1995