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Dividing Worlds

Tsunamis, Seawalls, and Ontological Politics in Northeast Japan

Andrew Littlejohn

her situation tried to evacuate by car; others made hurriedly for the valley sides, or climbed on their house's roofs. She escaped by the skin of her teeth, reaching the mountainside bordering her hamlet's valley just ahead of the water. But many

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Michael McGuire

as Trosly-Loire, where retreating Germans had recently burned all buildings and removed all residents. Humbert’s forces also encountered populated hamlets like Bléran-court, where 228 young, elderly, and infirm libérés lived amid demolished

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Emancipation as social equality

Subaltern politics in contemporary India

Indrajit Roy

the commemorations were no longer limited to their hamlet. Even if the actual festivities continued to be physically performed here, loudspeakers carried the festivities into the neighborhoods and homes of the privileged communities whose

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

cities, and medium-sized towns. The number of French workers directly engaged in agriculture dropped precipitously from 7.4 million in 1946 to 2 million in 1975. 10 The agricultural exodus gutted villages and hamlets that had been steadily losing

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Emanuel Stelzer

. When Hamlet cries out: ‘Or that the Everlasting had not fixed / His canon ’gainst self-slaughter’ (I.ii.131–32) 21 or Innogen remembers that ‘Against self-slaughter / There is a prohibition so divine / That cravens my weak hand’ ( Cymbeline III.iv.75

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Linda D’Amico

hamlets and six parish seats, or towns, to municipal seats in the Andean zones. Intag families live in dispersed rural communities, in small hamlets or on isolated farms. According to the 2010 census, the area’s population (in Cotacachi County) was

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Wrestling with Shylock

Contemporary British Jewish Theatre and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

Jeanette R. Malkin and Eckart Voigts

relentlessly as a term of abuse, appoints Othello general of an expeditionary force to Cyprus, barely pauses to acknowledge that he’s black and uses Moor almost always as a descriptor (like Dane, as in Hamlet the), not to abuse him. … Everyone in The Merchant

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Sine Dolore

Relative Painlessness in Shakespeare’s Laughter at War

Daniel Derrin

through idleness nor be driven to it by need’. 45 Shakespeare’s laughter at war, as it looks backward, is like Hamlet’s jesting with death in the graveyard, a jesting without which we human beings could not ‘face the truth of our absurdity’. 46 His

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Anna Scolobig, Luigi Pellizzoni, and Chiara Bianchizza

hamlets, per the 2010 census) is crossed by the river Isarco/Eisack. The area of Vipiteno-Sterzing has been periodically affected by floods of the Isarco river and its tributaries. Experts stress that the flood risk is very high and the town has been

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What Is Analysis?

Between Theory, Ethnography, and Method

Martin Holbraad, Sarah Green, Alberto Corsín Jiménez, Veena Das, Nurit Bird-David, Eduardo Kohn, Ghassan Hage, Laura Bear, Hannah Knox, and Bruce Kapferer

followed local horizons of engagement and knowledge. In each hamlet I asked to be taken to another one deeper in the forest. The hamlet in which I finally settled comprised six huts. Their occupants continually visited relatives living in several smaller