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Four Dimensions of Societal Transformation

An Introduction to the Problematique of Ukraine

Zuzana Novakova

recognition of the overwhelming impact of the change of the conditional factors of social quality—such as the dynamics of social cohesion building through patriotic nationalism revived at an unprecedented scale, the armed conflict with its physical and

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Jean Terrier

acquired intellectually: it can only derive from the concrete first-person experience of a complex life-form over the course of many years ( civic nationalism —a variation of this goes as far as affirming that only the fact of being born into the life

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Gendered Images and Soviet Subjects

How the Komsomol Archive Enriched My Understanding of Gender in Soviet War Culture

Adrienne M. Harris

Brunstedt, “Forging Common Glories: Soviet Remembrance of the Second World War and the limits of Russian Nationalism, 1960s–1991” (PhD diss., Oxford University, 2011); Julie deGraffenried, Sacrificing Childhood: Children and the Soviet State in the Great

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“Comrades in Battle”

Women Workers and the 1906 Finnish Suffrage Victory

Eric Blanc

’s explanation of why Finland was the first in the world to win full suffrage particularly stresses long-standing traditions of Finnish nationalism and culture, the latter of which, she argues, “ultimately made the radical outcome of the suffrage question

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“The 1990s Wasn't Just a Time of Bandits; We Feminists Were Also Making Mischief!”

Celebrating Twenty Years of Feminist Enlightenment Projects in Tver’

Julie Hemment and Valentina Uspenskaya

odds has weathered unfavorable conditions in the university—the trend to corporatization and standardization (Russia's rendition of the Bologna Accord, the European Union's higher educational initiative), as well as the “academic nationalism” that

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Ananta Kumar Giri

of “mainstream development discourse, intranationally is married to a poetics, some form of the emotive discourse of nationalism” as development discourse “especially internationally, has a distinctive technocratic poetics: the romance of physical

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Pivots and Levers

Political Rhetoric around Capitalism in Britain from the 1970s to the Present

Neil Foxlee

Party, Toryism, and Thatcherism; socialism, the Labour Party, and New Labour; trade unionism; Scottish nationalism; nationalization, and privatization; and what was then the European Community. The phrase has been used frequently ever since: in 2010, for

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A Thematic Issue about Central and Eastern European Societies

Zuzana Reptova Novakova and Laurent van der Maesen

democracy, Christian-oriented conservatism, and nationalism. Looking at these past four decades, we can point out major weaknesses in all of these interpretations: The lack of a communicative consensus about these concepts and their ontological and

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Christina Oesterheld

considered as part of the ‘other’. Thus, the intellectual ground is furrowed for mullahs and militants to sow their seeds in. Violence is part of the harvest. The rest goes in constructing religious nationalism. 90 Hijazi’s first two novels, Dāstān-i mujāhid

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The Making of a Fundamental Value

A History of the Concept of Separation of Church and State in the Netherlands

Mart Rutjes

early form of nationalism that emphasized unity, and a new theological focus on personal and individual religious conviction led to a different vision on the role of the state with regard to religion. All citizens of the Dutch nation-state, many believed