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Republican Imperialisms

Narrating the History of “Empire” in France, 1885–1900

Christina Carroll

, lost much of its capital. He did not really expect to be taken for a Bonapartist, but he nevertheless consistently made the distinction between colonial empire and Bonapartism when he introduced the term “empire” or “imperialism.” 3 Making this

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Selective Empathy

Workers, Colonial Subjects, and the Affective Politics of French Romantic Socialism

Naomi J. Andrews

workers as the civilizing vanguard of French society, victimized by the twin evils of capitalism and the French military. As Pierre Leroux noted, “[i]t is capital that is killing Humanity. It is killing it in a thousand ways: by illness, by crime, by

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Féministes et républicaines

Parcours de femmes à l’origine du CNFF (1880–1901)

Yolande Cohen

les professions comme primordiaux. Sa méthode est celle de ces femmes autodidactes, qui certes ont bénéficié d’un capital culturel et familial mais qui n’ont pas eu accès à l’éducation supérieure, et pour lesquelles l’engagement dans l

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Political Campaigns and Civic Culture

Comparing Canvassing and Party Structures in the French and American 2012 Presidential Campaigns

Julien Talpin

group wants to go to the “Obama shop” to buy souvenirs. Disappointed by the lack of choice they buy little, but this in no way spoils the sunny mood: the participants are clearly happy to spend time in the capital of entertainment at the campaign

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Le salafisme quiétiste en France

Un exemple d’apolitisme militant ?

Mohamed-Ali Adraoui

certains pays musulmans) en « sciences islamiques » qui ont ainsi une position privilégiée au sein du champ « orthodoxe » puisque le capital religieux acquis (ou en phase d’acquisition) leur permet de bénéficier d’une certaine audience auprès des adeptes

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The Color of French Wine

Southern Wine Producers Respond to Competition from the Algerian Wine Industry in the Early Third Republic

Elizabeth Heath

work, indebted only to the sun. Today he depends on an investor, who, in not finding his capital sufficiently and regularly remunerated, withdraws it.” 42 This reality drove winemakers towards fraud and other unsavory commercial practices that

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Julie Fette

former teachers. The following year he obtained a transfer to Casablanca as he was to marry Marcelle over the summer. Casablanca was the economic capital of Morocco, home to the largest Jewish community in the country. Pinhas explains, “En général, on va

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Les circulations entre France et Algérie

Un nouveau regard sur les migrants (post)coloniaux (1945–1985)

Muriel Cohen

dotés d’un capital culturel et relationnel relativement élevé, ils sont nombreux à quitter l’Algérie à la fin des années 1960 42 . Mais les Algériens qui circulent avec un passeport sont aussi de véritables touristes ou bien des gens qui viennent visiter

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Outrageous Flirtation, Repressed Flirtation, and the Gallic Singularity

Alexis de Tocqueville's Comparative Views on Women and Marriage in France and the United States

Jean Elisabeth Pedersen

's acceptance and enjoyment of a sexual double standard, and American lawyers’ insistence on treating rape as a capital crime with French juries’ refusal to convict men for raping women at all. 28 Having thus compared American sex roles, family structures, and

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Rethinking France’s “Memory Wars”

Harki Collective Memories, 2003–2010

Laura Jeanne Sims

Barcellini describes a commemorative shift from honoring “those who died for France” to “those who died because of France.” 60 Within the current memorial context, victim status provides political and social capital that groups can leverage for material