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Jablonka’s History

Literature and the Search for Truth

Sarah Fishman

students, even in a large class, will respond to an invitation to think for themselves if I ask them to tell me how I know what I just told them. For example, in a European history survey course, I lecture about the Black Death. Along with describing the

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Aro Velmet and Rachel Kantrowitz

microhistorical analyses centered on the remaking of the Tunisian ghetto. In Chapter 2, Parks shows how the French government in Tunis used public health expertise to segregate the previously diverse city into “ethnic, religious, and class-based enclaves” (29

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De Beauvoir, Existentialism and Marx

A Dialectic on Freedom

Angela Shepherd

Marx, the position of the working class within capitalism is an exploited one, and their freedom is constrained. Yet, however fixed a position may appear, there is always some possibility of resisting. 35 Something can always be done to bring about

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Nick Underwood

newspaper’s political and ethnic affiliation, we can read this interwar Modern Girl as more than just a workingwoman. She is a conscious worker aware of her class stature and trying to do something about it by engaging in contemporary bourgeois Parisian

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Michael Miller, Paul V. Dutton, and Laura Hobson Faure

the city, a term she applies to garden city movements where reformist and environmental incentives coincided with middle-class desires to envelop private and public space in “nature” by many different means: homes full of flowers, private winter

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The Algerian Café-Hotel

Hub of the Nationalist Underground, Paris 1926–1962

Neil MacMaster

leadership qualities to build the nationalist underground at the local level. The first part of this article examines the emergence of this strata, comprised of émigré commerçants with business know-how and cash to invest and a class of “self-made” men who

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The Origins of the Anti-Liberal Left

The 1979 Vincennes Conference on Neoliberalism

Michael C. Behrent

middle-sized companies and the segment of the middle classes that sees itself as the victim of the social transfers of the 1960s.” 20 Dommergues referred to the other model as “liberal-modernism.” More pro-business than free-market per se, this ideology

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A Bridge Across the Mediterranean

Nafissa Sid Cara and the Politics of Emancipation during the Algerian War

Elise Franklin

woman’s right to decide her marital fate instead grew from her belief in a set of universal rights that she believed women of greater France were due. Regardless of class, sex, or religion, Algerian women, caught in the crosshairs of wartime politicking

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The Office de la Famille Française

Familialism and the National Revolution in 1940s Morocco

Margaret Cook Andersen

favoring any particular class interest, something that Miranda Pollard has called “republican equality and natalism-familialism blended.” 10 The Second World War marked a new phase in the family rights movement. Following France’s surrender in 1940, the

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Whitney Walton

the surplus of women in the population, requiring that women work in order to survive. This entailed education and educated women's higher expectations for their life opportunities. A similar situation prevailed in Germany, that is, an excess of middle-class