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India Halstead

, and artistic movements of the 1960s and early 1970s. 3 My first aim is to suggest that the desire for an erotic, embodied communality reminiscent of Eros is evident in the way Rebecca Horn engages with space and the human form, and that Marcuse's work

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Fabian Frenzel

-to-face experiences remain a crucial part of successful mobilizations, as evidenced not just in the repeated desire to “go local” in many campaigns, but equally in such broad phenomena as solidarity travel and activist tourism ( Ince 2016 ; Frenzel 2016 ; Leontidou

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Olga Zdravomyslova and Elena Onegina

and risks) associated with the visibility girls want in the public sphere and their desire to act freely and independently as they increase their agency. In Russia, this vision of girls dates back to research on girlhood that began in the 2010s. From

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Tareq Zuhair

Psychology and psychoanalytic critical analysis are two different disciplines, yet they are interrelated as both fields of knowledge entice readers to reflect on the inner human psyche through exposure to intense feelings and desires. However, the

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The Limits of Knowing Other Minds

Intellectual Disability and the Challenge of Opacity

Patrick McKearney

process of getting to know them. And this method fits well with the process of learning to care for these people, which in this context involves constantly discerning someone's needs, desires, and intentions. Carers thus learn to read the minds of

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Rethinking the class politics of boredom

Marguerite van den Berg and Bruce O’Neill

belonging and public worth are still so intricately tied to employment and work, being displaced leaves many with the desire to be exploited ( Berlant 2007: 281 ). This emergent form of boredom is tied to a new economy, but it has clear historical roots

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Shakespeare and War

Honour at the Stake

Patrick Gray

examples of various kinds of misjudgement, Derrin juxtaposes Coriolanus’s slaughter of enemy soldiers with his son’s killing of a butterfly; Hotspur’s insatiable desire for honour with Falstaff’s cowardice; and Parolles’ betrayal of his comrades

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Ambivalent Anticipations

On Soldierly Becomings in the Desert of the Real

Thomas Randrup Pedersen

. Such a plot, I suggest, harbours the plotline that I have referred to above as ‘the passion’. It is a plotline that is pursued not only out of a desire to become what one is not (a ‘virtuous warrior’), but also out of a desire for life, for feeling

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Sine Dolore

Relative Painlessness in Shakespeare’s Laughter at War

Daniel Derrin

Aristotelian and Freudian approaches to laughter. Where Freud generally sees ‘the joke’ as an expression of the desire to free up repressed aggressive impulses, Aristotle sees ‘the laughable’ as an expression of scorn for the ugly. 6 Freud explains laughter

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Solicitor Brown and His Boy

Love, Sex, and Scandal in Twentieth-Century Ireland

Averill Earls

the nationalists who founded the Free State built their moral authority to rule on the notion that same-sex desire was a particularly English condition. 7 This case reflects the anxiety that still lingered in the young state around sex and nationalism