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Belonging in a New Myanmar

Identity, Law, and Gender in the Anthropology of Contemporary Buddhism

Juliane Schober

the Bay of Bengal and reflected the political desire to be recognized as a separate ethnic group ( Leider 2014: 236–237 ). Ethnicity, Gender, and Law While anthropology has long recognized the fluidity of ethnic identity, the Burmese state and many of

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Alena Minchenia

abandoned their once desired position of leadership soon after the elections, not prepared to actually lead and sustain electoral protests, and even becoming involved in fraud: Hancharyk [an oppositional presidential candidate in 2001 from the united

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Bonee and Fitina

Mbororo Nomads Facing and Adapting to Conflict in Central Africa

Adamou Amadou

Mbororo nomads are fed by their long experience with hardship or bonee , and these include mobility strategies to search for pasture, the avoidance of conflict, and a deep desire to maintain their Mbororo identity. These pathways also guide the adaptation

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Corinna Mullin and Ian Patel

Tunisian former political prisoners to employ the concept demonstrates the movement’s desire in the Tunisian context to “carv[e] out a form of subjectivity and politics that breaks with the ‘predicament’ of exclusion under Bourguiba’s and Ben Ali

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Jack Hunter, Annelin Eriksen, Jon Mitchell, Mattijs van de Port, Magnus Course, Nicolás Panotto, Ruth Barcan, David M. R. Orr, Girish Daswani, Piergiorgio Di Giminiani, Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen, Sofía Ugarte, Ryan J. Cook, Bettina E. Schmidt, and Mylene Mizrahi

sinful desires. Overall, this monograph is rich in ethnographic data and dialogues with the scholarly work of Haitian religious studies and the anthropology of Christianity, refreshing with new evidence the academic discussion on conversion, beliefs, and

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Religion through the Looking Glass

Fieldwork, Biography, and Authorship in Southwest China and Beyond

Katherine Swancutt

Returns to the Field: Multitemporal Research and Contemporary Anthropology , ed. Signe Howell and Aud Talle . Bloomington : Indiana University Press . Walsh , Eileen R . 2005 . “ From Nü Guo to Nü’er Guo: Negotiating Desire in the Land of the

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Eileen Barker

Linda Woodhead, James T. Richardson, Martyn Percy, Catherine Wessinger, and Eileen Barker

serves as a typical example of a late modernist meta-narrative. Without too much attention to ethnographic detail or exceptions to rules, the reader is offered a macro-theory of social life, which, although illuminating, leaves much to be desired. For

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Valentina Napolitano

public life was very similar in scope to the Fascist movement, insofar as both were moved by a desire to “conquer the state” (see Gramsci [1924] 1978: 220–224 ). Gramsci's analysis is perhaps nowhere better supported than in the relationship of the

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Emergent Police States

Racialized Pacification and Police Moralism from Rio's Favelas to Bolsonaro

Tomas Salem and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

Desire . Oakland, CA : AK Press . Graham , Stephen . 2010 . Cities under Siege: The New Military Urbanism . London : Verso . Gressgård , Randi . 2019 . “ The racialized death-politics of urban resilience governance ”. Social Identities

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Eliza Guyol-Meinrath Echeverry

( Anderson 2016 ). However, in keeping with the country’s desire to use mining as a stepping-stone to building its economy and the mining industry’s public portrayal of its operations as beneficial for developing nation-states, Todd Romaine, the vice