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Alena Minchenia

analysis of political resistance for being incidental, self-interested, and ideologically immature. The case of the BPR's centennial celebration shows also how some protest professionals reject the political significance of everyday activism and small deeds

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Along the Lines of the Occupation

Playing at Diminished Reality in East Jerusalem

Fabio Cristiano and Emilio Distretti

population from the land. In this way, juxtaposing PG’s voids on Shuafat’s full , we do not witness an incongruence between virtual and real. On the contrary, the discrepancy anticipates and represents the ideological premises of Israel’s colonial project

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First as Tragedy, Then as Teleology

The Politics/People Dichotomy in the Ethnography of Post-Yugoslav Nationalization

Stef Jansen

, Alan . 1996 . “ Nationalism as Ideological Interpellation: The Case of Ulster Loyalism .” Ethnic and Racial Studies 19 , no. 1 : 88 – 111 . 10.1080/01419870.1996.9993900 Gagnon , V. P . 2004 . The Myth of Ethnic War: Serbia and Croatia in the

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Sheikhs and the City

Urban Paths of Contention in Sidon, Lebanon

Are John Knudsen

; they have often had no ideology, have devised no programs, and have made little effort at transcending sectarian support, so most of them have seen their support wane to become “parties without partisans” ( Khazen 2003 ). 4 The prevalence of street

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J. D. Y. Peel

Marloes Janson, Wale Adebanwi, David Pratten, Ruth Marshall, Stephan Palmié, Amanda Villepastour, and J. D. Y. Peel

Edited by Richard Fardon and Ramon Sarró

fundamentalist ideological tendencies we take daily religious practice as our starting point, the similarities between Christianity and Islam become obvious. Let me briefly illustrate this with an example from my ethnographic research on Chrislam, a religious

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Eileen Barker

Linda Woodhead, James T. Richardson, Martyn Percy, Catherine Wessinger, and Eileen Barker

described in humanistic terms, with reference to notions such as structure, ideology, and sociality. In this view, religion is a ‘created’ cosmos that brings stability, order, meaning, and moral cement to a given community: the very word ‘religion’ means ‘to

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The Power of Silence

Sonic Experiences of Police Operations and Occupations in Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

Sterre Gilsing

mechanism that establishes racial difference through listening habits and uses sound to communicate one's position vis-à-vis white citizenship. In the United States, the ideology of the sonic colour line operates as an aural boundary: sounds are racialized

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Pac'Stão versus the City of Police

Contentious Activism Facing Megaprojects, Authoritarianism, and Violence

Einar Braathen

direct physical violence of uncivil organized crime. These forces secure a corrupt coalition of patrimonialism under the ideological cover of neo-developmentalism. That oligarchic coalition provides, on the one hand, huge rents to entrepreneurs and

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The Meanings of the Move?

From “Predicaments of Mobility” to “Potentialities in Displacement”

Stephen C. Lubkemann

professional, economic, and political activity. Confronted with a Liberian social ideology that continues to render social status antithetical to, or at the very least highly restrictive of, certain forms of professional activity and personal autonomy, many

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Around Abby Day’s Believing in Belonging

Belief and Social Identity in the Modern World

Christopher R. Cotter, Grace Davie, James A. Beckford, Saliha Chattoo, Mia Lövheim, Manuel A. Vásquez, and Abby Day

those who are seen as different—women, youth, and people of other ethnic backgrounds, for example. This finding opens up for analysis the dimensions of power and ideology in belief, which Day discusses mostly in terms of gender (pp. 198–201). Linda