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“I Hope Nobody Feels Harassed”

Teacher Complicity in Gender Inequality in a Middle School

Susan McCullough

their complicity with what lay behind the actions of the boys. I argue that that this complicity, carried out every day at FDMS, working apparently in tandem with that strand of postfeminist ideology that sees feminism to be unnecessary because gender

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Towards a Fairer Future

An Activist Model of Black Girl Leadership

Courtney Cook

promote the notion that Black girls existed as children” (55). Both Wright and Chatelain point to an ideology that placed Black girls in the complicated maternal role of models of racial uplift and communal strength. By the end of the twentieth century

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Emily Bent

in which social justice counts. Because we believe in more than ideologies of individuality and empowered isolation, girl activism networks must trouble exceptional girlhood tropes. Endsley (2018) notes that in her performative labor, “walking with

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The Rumble of Nostalgia

Francis Ford Coppola’s Vision of Boyhood

Molly Lewis

Kellener . [ 1988 ] 1990 . Camera Politica: The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film . Bloomington, IN : Indiana University Press . Filmography Ballard , Carroll . 1979 . The Black Stallion . USA . Brickman , Paul . [ 1983 ] 2008

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Thatcher’s Sons?

1980s Boyhood in British Cinema, 2005–2010

Andy Pope

determined by the contemporary male’s less ideological nature. He argues that his rationale for making the film was to capture current nostalgia “for a time when people were ready to stand up and say something” (2007). Additionally, the focus that Meadows and

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Dustin William Louie

-violence framework is influential in social justice work, we must resist subsuming Indigenous approaches under the umbrella of non-Indigenous ideologies. In this article, I make a critical contribution to the field of technologies of nonviolence by highlighting

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Being a Responsible Violent Girl?

Exploring Female Violence, Self-management, and ADHD

Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist and Linda Arnell

Adolescent Psychiatric Out-patients. A Five-year Cohort .” European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 12 ( 1 ): 30 – 35 . 10.1007/s00787-003-0309-3 McAvoy , Jean . 2015 . “ From Ideology to Feeling: Discourse, Emotion, and an Analytic Synthesis

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Tweens as Technofeminists

Exploring Girlhood Identity in Technology Camp

Jen England and Robert Cannella

, script, record, and edit their podcasts. Producing and sharing podcasts allowed us to move away from curricular “gender and generational ideologies that keep female youth limited to the feminized position of consumer” and toward facilitating girls

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Statutory Rape or Postfeminism in Pretty Little Liars?

Shara Crookston

?”), it is Aria who says that she “wants to know more about [Ezra] too.” On the surface, this seems to be the beginning of a culturally acceptable romance between two equals, reinforcing a postfeminist ideology that Aria is acting with personal autonomy in

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Hope Chest

Demythologizing Girlhood in Kate Bernheimer’s Trilogy

Catriona McAra

. The cultural history of the hope chest is revealing for the study of girlhood, particularly in terms of what this tradition discloses about young American women historically, and how their values and ideological beliefs are instilled, and their future