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Learning to Judge Politics

Professor John Dunn (Interviewed by Professor Lawrence Hamilton)

John Dunn and Lawrence Hamilton

it was of absolutely fundamental importance. Until somebody thinks of another structure which combines that degree of cognitive flow with that degree of personal accountability, I don't think that the problem can be fixed. On my model of a more

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American Extraterritorial Legislation

The Data Gathering behind the Sanctions

Ali Laïdi

. Unsettlingly, this legislation has very strong extraterritorial potential. The president of the United States and CFIUS can require their foreign partners to adopt a foreign investment oversight model that is similar to that of the United States in order to

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Book Roundtable

Discussion text: Chin, C. 2018. The Practice of Political Theory: Rorty and Continental Thought.

Lasse Thomassen, Joe Hoover, David Owen, Paul Patton, and Clayton Chin

the critical force of Rorty's claims when more plausible and more charitable interpretations are brought into play. However, if one is also seeking to persuade one's audience that Rorty offers a model of the practice of socio-political criticism that

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Moral Conflict

The Private, the Public and the Political

Marios Filis

claims. I then conclude by emphasising the moral peculiarity and importance of the political within this pluralistic tripartite model. The distinction between the private, the public and the political has been a central theme for contestation in modern

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The Future of Representative Politics

On Tormey, Krastev and Rosanvallon

Mihail Evans

tradition. It is thus not surprising that when protests broke out anarchist organising models were turned to and that the ‘participants resisted any attempt to elect leaders or a body that could represent the occupations and assemblies themselves’ ( Tormey

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Professor Anna Stilz and Interviewed by Dr Christine Hobden

order, which is what many cosmopolitans advocate for. The contemporary debate is marked by these two models for international order – a kind of more Vattalian pluralistic system that would be composed of distinct self-determining peoples, and then a more

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Peter Hudson

. Leader’s paper came up. Rick said he was a little puzzled by Leader’s approach, which he thought too rooted in an ‘analytic’ notion of causation and explanation focussing on different possible permutations of necessary and sufficient conditions and models

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Wiping away the Tears of the Ocean


Mogobe Ramose

of the epistemological paradigm of the slave master to pan-Africanism was concrete and evident in Nkrumah. His leadership of Ghanaian independence from the British did not deter him from being an admirer of the Westminster model of governance to the

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Communication, Context, and Narrative

Habermas and Contemporary Realist Thought

Navid Hassanzadeh

social movements of the era. Habermas adopts a similar stance when explaining the attacks of 11 September 2001. He remarks that many have asked him whether or not his model of communicative action ‘has been brought into disrepute’ because of a seeming

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Creating the People as ‘One’?

On Democracy and Its Other

Marta Nunes da Costa

, we are led to the conclusion that there is not one model of democracy, but many democratic instantiations. This suggests that contrary to many attempts of several democratic theories, there is not one ‘definition’ of democracy, in light of which one