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Suzanne Berger

was not part of their economic model. It was the fault of politicians, not economists or globalization, that a broken, polarized political system did not do its job. Government did not provide the kinds of new job training, education, and income

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Educating Women, Recasting Patriarchy

Becoming Modern in Colonial Morocco

Etty Terem

girls. Schools were modeled after a precolonial North African institution, the handicrafts workshop ( dār al-mu‘allima ), where womanly crafts and domestic skills were taught to young Muslim girls of the urban upper class by a woman skilled in needlework

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Amy Kallander

and Third World radicalism; they offered global models of modern womanhood, including biographies of Soviet cosmonauts and Chinese acrobats, conversations with Iraqi feminists, and extensive coverage of the Algerian struggle for independence. 34

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Searching for What Is Already Found

Ivan Jablonka and the Life of a Nobody

Melanie Hawthorne

the enterprise to present the “truth” about a life. In particular, does the truth pre-exist the arrival of the biographer, or is it something the writer helps bring into being. Jablonka’s work challenges a certain popular model of research. Research

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Edward Berenson, Elinor Accampo, Joseph Bohling, and Michael Seidman

in the American case—and celebrates him as hero of modernity whose success and lifestyle (including hair and dress) become models. On the other hand, the media spotlights “associations victimaires qui s’approprient le magistère de la morale” (52) and

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Vincent Pons

model, where door-to-door canvassing increases turnout by mobilizing marginal voters, who are essentially indifferent between voting and non-voting. But which voters are marginal depends on the salience of the election: moderate propensity voters can be

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Patricia Mainardi

London News, L’Illustration was lavishly illustrated, published weekly, and, in size and format, modeled on newspapers. Édouard Charton, who continued to edit Le Magasin pittoresque , again directed the French effort. He wrote: “Remembering an English

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Patrick Young, David Looseley, Elayne Oliphant, and Kolja Lindner

self-modeled identities, but rather as reflecting their Jewish essence, an essence they insist is already visible but which they are proud to amplify by wearing tight and bright unisex clothing, large rhinestone-bedizened stars of David, and

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Les journaux francophones au dix-neuviéme siécle

Entre enjeux locaux et perspective globale

Guillaume Pinson

fait divers, le reportage, la mise en page…) mériteraient bien entendu d’être ciblées dans la perspective d’études comparées qui viseraient à faire ressortir une véritable culture partagée, entre reprises locales et circulations des modèles de presse

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Disruptive Technology

Social Media from Modiano to Zola and Proust

Elizabeth Emery

have readers, should the public obsess over what seem today like disruptive forms? New innovations have always shaken the symbiotic relationship between literature and the press, modifying business models and forcing each generation to rethink genre and