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Raili Nugin

needed to stress its legal continuity to this period. The previous landownership was restored, and collective farms dissolved to restore the model of the prewar era: the national ideal of small-scale single-farm production. At the time, national identity

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Undoing Traceable Beginnings

Citizenship and Belonging among Former Burundian Refugees in Tanzania

Patricia Daley, Ng’wanza Kamata, and Leiyo Singo

national identity with the adoption of the nation-state model on independence ( Aminzade 2013 ; Heilman 1998 ; Hunter 2015 ; Nagar 1997 ); and the politics of mobility in the context of economic liberalization and democratization ( Dorman et al. 2007

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Refugee Hospitality Encounters in Northern Portugal

“Cultural Orientations” and “Contextual Protection”

Elizabeth Challinor

undesired outcomes do not all fit neatly into a transitional analytical model from hospitality to hostility. Dealing with Disappointment While disappointment led some of my interlocutors to develop resentment and a lack of sympathy towards the plight

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Freedom, Salvation, Redemption

Theologies of Political Asylum

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

distinguish religious identities, reasons, and actions from non-religious ones. This presumes the model of religion as choice. In this model, you can be one religion but not more than one. As Mullen explains, “as religion became voluntary, more people chose

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Representing Sanctuary

On Flatness and Aki Kaurismäki's Le Havre

Vinh Nguyen

previous models protected the wrongly accused or provided temporary shelter so that innocence or guilt could be established, sanctuary functioned as a “vehicle for mercy” ( Price 2009: 32 ). Matthew E. Price notes, “A crime was viewed, first and foremost

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Rachel Rosen and Sarah Crafter

Representations Despite significant developments in migration studies, research, theory, and policy on migration have tended to remain in neoclassical and labor market frames ( Arango 2004 ), taking the male breadwinner as their normative model and rendering

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“Containers, Carriers, Vehicles”

Three Views of Mobility from Africa

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga, Jeroen Cuvelier, and Katrien Pype

; 12 and democracy to a Western model of governance. 13 The consequence is that when scholars say they are studying capitalism, modernity, technology, innovation, and governance in Africa, they are merely exploring people, things, and stories

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Living Through and Living On?

Participatory Humanitarian Architecture in the Jarahieh Refugee Settlement, Lebanon

Riccardo Luca Conti, Joana Dabaj, and Elisa Pascucci

-term, socially embedded approaches to architecture. From a technical point of view, humanitarian bureaucracies and logistics are often incompatible with the implementation and scalability of locally produced, adaptable shelter models ( Mubarak and Hafeez 2017

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“Coaching” Queer

Hospitality and the Categorical Imperative of LGBTQ Asylum Seeking in Lebanon and Turkey

Aydan Greatrick

decision makers. On the other hand, this article will also observe how “coaching” runs parallel with their more sensitive refugee support programmes, allowing queer organizations to tentatively—and within the small space of their offices—practice a model of

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“It's a Big Umbrella”

Uncertainty, Pentecostalism, and the Integration of Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Immigrants in Johannesburg, South Africa

Tinashe Chimbidzikai

Models for Spiritual Kinship .” In New Directions in Spiritual Kinship: Contemporary Anthropology of Religion , ed. Todne Thomas , Asiya Malik , and Rose Wellman , 131 – 150 . Cham : Palgrave Macmillan . 10.1007/978-3-319-48423-5_6 Landau