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Steven Eastwood

of autism as cognitive deficit or social inadequacy, and instead look to how autism may offer society (which, after all, includes those with autism) ways to transcend the restrictions of existing social contracts and norms. I argue that such a

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Redefining Representation

Black Trans and Queer Women’s Digital Media Production

Moya Bailey

medical media that circumscribe life and health in ways that affirm an implicit white thin cis male able body as the norm. In queer feminist studies, theorists like Jose Muñoz (1999) , Kara Keeling (2007) , and Tavio N’Yongo (2013) have worked to show

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Allison Macleod

depression, youth suicide, and struggling against social norms. Following the screening, the films’ directors, producers, and actors were invited on stage to speak about their films and answer audience questions. Similar to the Q&A following Dyke Hard , this

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Jess Dorrance

interrogating me, the drag queen protests, “exactly like the thief I was thirty years ago!” She continues that allowing herself to be filmed is facilitating her entrance into “the norm” of gallery spaces and museums, which she does not want. “But I am not angry

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Close to You

Karen Carpenter and the Body-Martyr in Queer Memory

Julian Binder

the expectations of the heteropatriarchy's binary norms of sexuality and gender, which are locally manifested in the expectations of their families and communities, often lead to self-harm (including the development of eating disorders) and the

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Transitions Within Queer North African Cinema

Nouri Bouzid, Abdellah Taïa, and the Transnational Tourist

Walter S. Temple

modes of pornography, which gave rise to a debate among scholars, at least, if not among the public more generally on the relationship between filming practices and cultural norms. As we will see shortly, Bouzid manipulates images of the gigolo in an

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Falling Apart Together

On Viewing Ali Atassi’s Our Terrible Country from Beirut

Ira Allen

, should not be watched, without a sense of the precarity of Yassin’s Turkish refuge, indeed, without a sense of the precarity of the social and systemic norms worldwide that would make “liberatory thinking” and “critical culture” meaningful terms at all

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Jane M. Kubiesa, Looi van Kessel, Frank Jacob, Robert Wood, and Paul Gordon Kramer

, Villarejo argues that these shifts in televisual representation of queers do not necessarily pave the way for societal inclusion, but rather produce queer subjectivities that are accommodated to the norms and beliefs of society at large (42). Villarejo

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Sol Neely

how disruptions of affective identification translate into disjunctive relationships that symbolically appropriate social and political norms, or how affective identifications are effected that harbor the possibility of rearranging more permanently our