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The Conceptual and Anthropological History of Bat Mitzvah

Two Lexical Paths and Two Jewish Identities

Hizky Shoham

consumer culture, understood as a source of meaning for people’s lives and created with active consumer participation rather than mere commercial manipulation. 10 In modern industrial society, the numerical count of a person’s years and the transition

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Mapping the Rise of a New Concept

Ruth Hemstad

consolidate Sweden after the loss of Finland in 1809. Norway was presented as compensation as well as a reward for Swedish participation in the concluding wars against Napoleon. As part of his strategy, Bernadotte consciously tried to change the concepts of

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L’heure du laitier ou la contestation

Résistance, anticolonialisme et nouvelle gauche sur une « petite théorie » de Claude Bourdet

Fabrice Usman

contestataire va jusqu’au refus d’obéissance et de participation, voire jusqu’à la lutte physique, pour affirmer son droit contre la légalité officielle ». 21 La limite n’est pas la loi mais ce qui est légitime, éthique, moral. Le tribunal de Nuremberg a d

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Times of Democracy

The Unavoidable Democracy of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Denmark

Anne Engelst Nørgaard

claims for a constitution. 33 The absence of a liberal concept of democracy in most of the constitutional struggle reflects a general tendency on the part of liberals to be somewhat reserved in their participation in public debates. While liberal

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Eternity and Print

How Medieval Ideas of Time Influenced the Development of Mechanical Reproduction of Texts and Images

Bennett Gilbert

unity is equally strongly held. 39 This is not to say that Gregory or anyone else solved the problem of participation, for his account is inconsistent, if not muddy. But it had this advantage, that a religion founded on divine incarnation and

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Filimon Peonidis

by this collective decision because it is illegitimate. It is now a commonplace that free and fair parliamentary elections presuppose the uninhibited participation under equal terms of all political parties that are loyal to the constitution, and any

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Against Analogy

Why Analogical Arguments in Support of Workplace Democracy Must Necessarily Fail

Roberto Frega

. Forde , Chris , Gary Slater and David A Spencer . 2006 . “ Fearing the worst? Threat, participation and workplace productivity .” Economic and Industrial democracy 27 ( 3 ): 369 – 398 . 10.1177/0143831X06065961 Freeman , Steven . 2007

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Avery Poole

. Polyarchy: Participation and Opposition . New Haven : Yale University Press . Diamond , Larry . 1999 . Developing Democracy: Towards Consolidation . Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press . Diamond , Larry . 2009 . “ How Is Indonesia’s Democracy

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Joanna Bourke

sample of male and female undergraduates enrolled in a psychology course at a large midwestern university. Participation in the survey earned the participants credits for their course. 61 These respondents are psychology’s WEIRDs (that is, Western

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Niklas Olsen, Irene Herrmann, Håvard Brede Aven, and Mohinder Singh

survivors such as Primo Levi and Jean Cayrol (a French poet, novelist, and publisher who was deported to Mauthausen because of his participation in the resistance movement). He also takes us through Koselleck's discovery of Charlotte Beradt's Das Dritte